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Looking for a bathroom layout?

Hi there! I went searching for a bathroom layout idea and came across so many. I love looking at how people have configured their bathroom and I always look straight for the toilet. I hate seeing the toilet as the first thing.

When deciding on a bathroom layout, it’s important you use every single centimetre and really think about the size of the fixtures you buy ie. the size of the bath, the toilet and the vanity.

If you have a large space, then a separate toilet will be better. If not, then making sure it’s in a space away from first view is important. Solid walls generally make the room feel closed in, so the position of fixtures (if everything must go in the one room) will be important.

Think about how many people will be using the bathroom. Do you need one or two sinks? If you decide on two, is there enough room of multiple people to be standing at the sinks at the same time?

A freestanding tub or drop in tub? This will be an aesthetic choice, but the practicality (for cleaning purposes) may make you lean towards the drop in.

If you are starting your bathroom from scratch, then you’re lucky! If you’re doing a reno, then you’ll really need to get some cost ideas on moving any plumbing around. For example, switching a toilet and sink around could cost you in excess of $1000 before you even choose your fixtures.

Have you recently renovated a bathroom? Or are you currently deciding on a layout. I’d love to know!

♥ KC.


  • Chrissie Taylor

    We are doing our bathroom ATM. Tiler starts next week ????

    • Mel

      Great ideas thanks so much.
      Mel from NZ

  • Tina Moore

    I hate putting a toilet in the bathroom. It needs to be a separate room. Especially when you only have 1 bathroom.

  • Tish Lovell

    Oh this is doing my head in at the moment with our new build. I still like the bath and shower behind the same screen at the end but have put it on its end otherwise it would need to be angled if straight. But so many designs and diff scenarios to choose from

  • Isabella Keller

    Redoing the bathroom and can’t quite decide on how to do the layout since our bathroom is super long and on the narrow side.

  • Caroline

    I love looking at these. In our reno we’re scoring an ensuite out of old dining area. Took me forever to reconfigure but it’s a large space and I decided I really didn’t want a bath. I honestly think a lot of the fancy freestanding tubs are going to become white elephants. Such dust catchers and really annoying to lean in and clean. Love a massive shower instead, spend way more time showering.

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