9 ways to make your lounge room look bigger

A small space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be cramped. Maybe there is not enough light, furniture doesn’t sit well, the layout just isn’t right? How do you make a small room feel more spacious? With clever use of colour, furniture placing, space planning and lighting, your small space can feel as spacious as you need it to be. Today I wanted to share 9 simple tips which can help make your lounge room look and feel bigger.

Rethink your TV console

Big and bulky stands need to go. The smaller and more slimline styles are much better these days. Hide cords, wall mount the tv if you can, or build some shelves to create a sleeker look. Do away with speakers and gadgets.


Mirrors can make any room feel bigger and brighter. Let it reflect the light from a window and it will bounce all around the room making the space feel like it’s bigger than it really is. The mirror will not only reflect light but also will create the illusion of depth and height to the room.

Light coloured paint

Paint everything the one colour. Skirtings, ceilings, and walls should seamlessly run into each other. It’ll make you think about where the wall starts and stops. Lighter colours will reflect the light that comes into the room, making it seem bigger and brighter.

Less furniture, but bigger pieces

Instead of having a 3-seater, 2 singles, and a coffee table, think about replacing the couch with a chaise-style in a bigger frame. The one single bigger piece becomes less clunky (and there is less to think about when rearranging).

Artwork to the roof

Go to the ceiling with artwork. Take everything right to the top. It draws the eye right up and makes the room feel taller.

Add legs to your furniture

Lift your furniture off the ground. Less of the bean bags, and floor cushions, but more taller pieces.

Declutter relentlessly

Less, less less… Minimise your trinkets and vignettes, leave some negative blank space. There’s nothing that makes a small space feel more cramped than having too much stuff. Keep the floor as clear as possible, with items neatly arranged and out of sight the space will feel more open.

Light coloured furniture

If you’re in the market for a new couch, pick a light coloured one to fit in a smaller space. It blends better with light walls and the flow will feel uninterrupted.

Leave your windows uncovered

Natural lighting is going to expand an areas sense of space and depth and make it look less crowded. If you’re worried about privacy and decide that you do need curtains, stay away from darker colours and use sheer or white curtains.

Happy styling! ♥ KC.

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  • Billie

    Great tips! Could you tell me where the couch is from in image 1? Thank you!

  • Thandeka

    love the tips, will definitely implement

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