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How to pot an artificial plant

Hi there! Today’s post is not ground-breaking or riveting stuff, but I wanted to show you a little trick. You know when you buy an artificial plant and it comes in those skinny teeny tiny black pots? And they just look ridiculous swimming inside a pot or basket? Well, you need to fix that 🙂

To start with, I bought some new pots and painted them white. I could never find a flat white pot at a decent price. One was from Kmart and the other was discounted at Bunnings because it had scratches. I am not fussy with paint (because these are going inside) so I rolled on some flat white ceiling paint…

Below you can see how an artificial plant looks in a pot. Ridiculous!

I put an old pot inside (to lift up the artificial one by standing it on it) and shoved some paper all around it. The reason is because I am filling it with rocks and I didn’t want it to be super heavy!

Now it looks higher and better already by filling in the huge gap.

I grabbed a bag of river stones from Bunnings. They were $20. Probably more than I would like to spend because I only needed a few handfuls in the end. But I will reuse some of the stones outside in my garden.

Now that looks much better. The plant looks fatter and larger. The fake plant is from Adairs and all the rest are real.

Because I know you’ll ask ;)…. Bench seat from Big W, black pot from Bunnings, black plant stand from Bunnings, mirror was a DIY, basket from Kmart, artwork I painted myself and beaded chanedlier from Little Boho Lane.

Here’s a post I wrote on plants look better in a basket, where to buy artificial plants and how to paint a canvas yourself.

♥ KC.

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