5 Tips for Buying the Right Quilt Cover

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Quilt covers can come in a range of sizes, textures, colours and patterns. There are many considerations to think about to ensure you buy the right quilt cover for your bed. Here are 5 tips for buying the right quilt cover so you get the look you’re after.

  1. Size

It’s a common styling rule to place the next sized quilt on a bed. So if you have a queen mattress, a king quilt will drape beautifully and a super king quilt is best over a king mattress.

Of course, this totally depends on the look you wish to achieve. You may only want the quilt to finish at the top of the bed base to show off a valance. In this instance, choose a quilt size which matches the size of the mattress.

It’s also important when you decide on the size of the quilt insert that you match with the right quilt cover size. King with king, queen with queen, single with single and etc. A king quilt cover on a queen sized quilt insert is going to look odd and it will be frustrating when you have no warm quilt and just a cover to snuggle into in winter.

  1. Colour

Choosing the right coloured quilt cover will make or break the bedroom. What is the general style of the bedroom and what is the colour of the bedhead and wall? A plain white quilt cover can work in  most bedrooms, styled with coloured cushions and a throw.

But if you want to add more depth to your bedroom, opt for a block colour of navy or black and lighten with coloured, patterned or softly textured cushions.

  1. Texture

Quilt covers can come in a smooth, silk like texture, which makes a great base for pillows with patterns and textured cushions and throws.

A waffle quilt can draw the eye to the bed, making it look like an inviting retreat with different layers. If the bedroom is looking bland, a textured quilt cover is a great way to introduce interest without being overbearing.

  1. Material

Quilt covers can come in a range of materials and the material choice can shape how the bed will look – smooth and luxurious or textured and inviting.

Quilt cover materials include

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Sateen
  • Poly-blend
  • Polyester jacquard
  • Synthetic
  • Flannel

Egyptian cotton quilt covers are a popular choice due to their comfort and durability. A quilt cover is an investment, so you want it to last a long time and look good when in use.

Also consider the temperament your live in. If you live in a cooler climate, a heavier quilt cover is ideal, and of course in warmer climates, a breathable quilt cover to allow for air flow is important.

  1. Quality and Thread Count

A quilt cover is the layer which is visible to the outside world, so it needs to look good and feel good when slept with.

Choosing the best quality quilt cover you can afford will ensure the longevity of your quilt insert and the look you wish to achieve in the bedroom.

Thread count needs to considered with your quilt cover selection. Thread count is based on how many vertical and horizontal threads are per square 10cm. So a higher thread count may not be suitable for a warmer climate as it will trap heat as air won’t be able to freely move through.

A lower thread count may be more suitable and won’t necessarily compromise on quality when chosen with a finer yarn to create a gentle, plush feel.

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