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DIY abstract art (no paintbrushes required)

I like new art and colours in my home, but I don’t like to spend the big bucks. I usually decide to gather some paint colours and do a little DIY. If I get sick of it, I can always go over it and start again with some new colours. On this one I didn’t spend a cent because I used what I already had at home, so if I didn’t end up liking the canvas, it didn’t really matter too much.

I had an old canvas in my garage and just rolled over some white paint to start fresh again. The surfaced ended up being quite textured which was good. It had a few layers of paint on it before I even started.

I have a storage room in my laundry and a few boxes with some paint. I grabbed some colours which I thought might match. I didn’t really have any rules, I knew I just wanted to start with black, blue, green and pink…

The first layer went on with a little sponge roller. I rinsed it out in between and wasn’t too worried if the edges of each paint colour overlapped.

I let that dry quite thoroughly. My 12 year old got out the hair-dryer and did it for me (I was too impatient to wait!). Actually, the hairdyer does make paint crackle a little so this was good. I was happy with that texture.

Then I grabbed a scraper. I had a couple of sizes in my storage room. I started putting sections of paint over the top and left lumps to dry.

I went back over any see-through sections with either the roller again or the scraper….

Then I decided to use a business card. You can use little pieces of cardboard or whatever. Pinterest showed me how to do this!!

Then I used some of the leftover paint on the business card to wipe around in other areas. I wasn’t fussy!

Lastly, I used some white paint with the card to soften all the colours, edges.


I dripped a couple of white spots here and there. Why not?! 😉

I then added the frame. That’s easy to do too! You can read that post here.

I did this one too last year.

Have you done DIY art before? I wrote this post with some cool tutorials which I think got me fired up to make my own.

♥ KC.


  • Jenna Harding

    Looks fantastic! You pay big dollars for ones similar

  • Rebecca Braid

    Your painting looks professional and the colours are bang on!!! I want one!

  • Kendall Lester

    Love!!! Maybe I could send you a prepaid satchel for you to pop one in for me???

  • Sameera Morales

    Wow! Looks so professional, its beautiful!
    What type of paint did you use and where do you purchase it from??
    Think I’m also going to give it a crack!

    • Katrina (author)

      just paints from a craft store 🙂

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