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The end of term 3

I don’t know what it is, but this past school term has been a big battle. Over the last 6 months there’s been a huge shift in the balance and flow in my house because my boys are changing and growing. If you think little kids are hard work, then hold on, because it gets wilder!

The difference between having little kids and big kids is very different. Little kids are demanding and time consuming. But they do as they are told. Big kids have feelings, you have feelings and often that’s the draining part – emotions. While big kids allow you to have more time to do things YOU want to do, there is always some sort of “feelings” floating around. We’ve been managing them though, so it’s not all doom and gloom!

The past few weeks I’ve been a little teary and said to Mum this is the first time ever I’ve had a little moment where I thought – I have all boys, they will leave me, and I won’t have a daughter to check in on me. Silly, but possibly true. Boys are so matter-of-fact. They are straight to the point. They don’t have time for nonsense. They move on from things quickly.

My eldest child is 16 and a half. He is at the end of term 3 in Year 10. He has mates with their P-plates and someone is always picking him up to go here and there. He’s only been going to school 3 days a week for most of this term because he’s been working (building). Yesterday he was offered an apprenticeship and the joy in our house is astounding! All he’s ever wanted to do was be a builder. He’s wanted that since he was 3 years old. And he has been offered just that! YES, I get a builder (and a new house one day haha). I’m so happy for him but this means he’s leaving school. That era is over. He’s a big kid, confident and gorgeous. He had such a terrible time at school a few years ago and we moved schools, but he has flourished, and I am happy for him. He needs to work though – that’s his thing. Working. He needs to be productive and hands-on and while school is good, I also think working is right for him.

But it feels strange. I know we have been striving towards this all year, but now when I really think about it I also feel a bit lost. It’s just the changes and adjustments that come with being a parent.

My next boy is in Year 7. This is such a weird year for kids. They start out good. High school is new and exciting. But as the year goes on, their hormones start to kick in, friendship groups change, social media takes off and sometimes their confidence takes a little whack.

My baby boy is in Year 6. This is the best age and the best year ever. I was saying to my Mum the other day I do think Year 6 is one to hold on to. They are the top dog at school, they are the big fish. They have pretty good confidence, high school hasn’t come yet, their hormones are a little more in-check. They are confident in their friend groups.

Term 3 has also been a battle in regard to getting everyone to school in the normal routine. Well, I have had one working, but the other 2 have had sport days with no school, fake sick days, meltdowns… you name it!

I don’t know why I am sharing this today! Maybe just to document the feelings and changes going on around here?? I know I’m lucky too because we haven’t fully hit the teen/alcohol/girls/cars thing yet. So I am bracing myself for so much more to come. HELP! 😉

Have a great day. I am looking forward to the long weekend ahead. We need a break! ♥ KC.


  • Sarah

    Katrina, you are going to be the most amazing mother in law one day, your boys future partners are super lucky. You’ll always have people to check in on you!

    And congratulations to your eldest on his apprenticehips, that’s amazing 🙂

  • Rachel Barnett

    As a Mum of 3 boys all your words echo my fears and thoughts and this week our middle boy finished Yr 12 and will be moving away and it makes my heart ache to think about it.
    The emotional roller coaster that happens sometimes is so draining and I remember when they were little thinking that sleep deprivation was all I needed to get through and it would be easier, wasn’t I wrong.
    It feels that at times they took turns at being difficult and luckily they were never all in a bad mood at the same time. But wow what a blessing they have been and I am thankful everyday for their honesty, random hugs, sense of humour and demand for food.
    Here’s to all the mums of boys who work hard to raise these gorgeous creatures.

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