DIY painted wall art

Some people will say a big no-no to “homemade art”. But not me. I think if you’re creative, got a good eye and willing to give art a go, then why not?! Not everyone can afford hundreds of dollars for a piece of art for every wall in their home. But, you might be able to mix some of your own in with some purchased goods. I have painted a few bits of canvas here and there and I think they’ve been pretty ok. Not fancy enough to start my own studio or anything (haha), but they have suited the purpose for a while. Then when I am sick of it I don’t feel so bad for passing it on or painting over it again.

Today I went looking on Pinterest for DIY painted wall art (some look amazing!) to give you good tutorials so you can follow along and try for yourself.

Check these out…

The reason why I love this one above so much is that it’s basically painted on a piece of paper and put inside a frame. That’s affordability right there!



This one is bright and easy with just brush strokes. The impact is that the size of the canvas is large. You could choose any colour combo to suit your home.


I had a go at the gold leaf once and loved it. Check out this one.


Ok, so this is not painted, but these are paint swatches! Freebies! They are just set out in a pattern….ta-dah!


Here is a gallery wall with DIY art mixed with other kinds of frames. All the tones are similar and it works so well.


This one is simple and understated. Might be great for your first attempt!


I could look for hours at inspiration for DIY artwork. If you just type ABSTRACT DIY ART in to Pinterest there are so many cool ideas. What blew me away were some of the designer looking homes with DIY artwork. Especially this pin

I’ve painted a few myself before – see below!

Ok, off to get out the paints and a canvas I think!

Have you done a DIY artwork before?



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