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How to paint your aluminium sliding doors

I was so determined to do this project! I needed something quick and cheap to get rid of these brown doors. It was not hard, just time consuming because I had to leave the doors off for a few days so they could dry in between coats.

HOW TO (after photos) >>

Here’s how ➡️

– Take sliding door out. You’ll need two people. Google how to do this if you’re not sure because the little wheels on the bottom need loosening.
– Clean everything a million times over.
– Use a light sanding block over the areas you want to paint.
– Tape, tape and triple tape. Spend more time taping everything than actually painting. If you have to spend a whole day doing it, then do it. Trust me you’ll thank me later. You don’t want to be cleaning up epoxy paint because it’s a nightmare.
– Use Dulux MetalShield Epoxy Enamel spray cans. It has a primer in it. I chose gloss white. The two doors (including screens) used about 12 cans all up.
– You’ll probably need to do 4 coats. Because you’ll start off lightly to make sure nothing runs. Get the spray in all the crevasses. You should wait about 2 hours between coats.
– To do the screens just take out old flyscreen (save the rubber seals), drill out and grind off the diamond grille if you don’t like that look. It’s not hard to do! Then spray the frame, buy new flyscreen and use the saved rubber seal to put it all back into place. If you are worried about security then don’t do this. Just spray the door as is.
– Done!

(and yes, that god awful downpipe will be moved! 😂)

You can apply the exact same process to windows too. I’ve done the whole house also.


  • Kerrie

    Looks beautiful did you just use normal fly screen material?
    And could you remove the doors and get them powder coated or is that too expensive?

    • Katrina (author)

      Probably too expensive, and extremely difficult to successfully remove the whole door frame and then get it back in 🙂

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