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How to make over your home without spending more money

When the house feels a bit blah, why not try some of these tips below to make over your home without spending more money…

1. Rearrange the furniture you have

Can you orientate the furniture in a different angle? Or swap pieces around from other rooms? All you need is a little time and muscle power to keep things looking fresh.

2. Do a cull

Simply editing your space can transform the feel of an area. Maybe a good tidy up of that console table – taking things off, dusting and replacing them all in a different layout will make things feel new again. Did you also know that to clear the energy in your home you should move 27 things? This practice of Feng Shui is a simple yet surprisingly effective method for getting you unstuck. Here’s some tips on what NOT to do when decluttering.

3. Upcycle what you have

You’ve probably got some pieces of furniture which could do with a lick of paint, or a sand back? You’ll be amazed at how many items in your home could benefit from being upcycled. Paint is a really easy way to start. Chairs, sideboards, even frames. You can also give cupboards new fronts, add new knobs to drawers, or make your own bedhead.

4. Add some greenery

Add some greenery from the garden. Bringing the outdoors in works wonders for freshening up a tired space. Snap off some branches and add to a vase as a dining table centrepiece, or add little succulents to jars of water.

5. Deep clean

Simply washing up the cushion covers, throw blankets, cleaning under the lounge, polishing up the mirrors, or throwing the duster around can make your home feel fresh again.

6. Get creative with artwork

You can download and print our yourself to create a gallery wall. Here’s some tips on how to do that.

7. Sell stuff online

After all that cleaning and culling why not make some money from the things you aren’t using anymore? Here’s some tips on how to do that. Then you can buy something new to add to your space!

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  • Arthur Koulianos

    My wife likes to replace the rug in the lounge room (Ikea range) and then rearranges the furniture.

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