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The Gallery Wall and How To

The gallery wall seems to be coming back in. I am sure it never really left, but when minimalism took over I think I saw less and less of them. But suddenly I am enjoying them all over again.

There doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules when it comes to a gallery wall. Anything goes and anyone can create one in their home.

The only tip I’d give is to try and stick to a similar theme/colour/tones.

I’ll talk you through these below and tell you why I like them…


This one above sticks to the botanical and black and white theme. They are also drawings/sketches. Fame sizes, mounts and thickness doesn’t matter when the colours all work.


The one above uses pastel colours. Again the frames and thickness just all work together. There is no black here so it doesn’t throw the look in a different direction. They’ve also added a couple of objects (instead of frames) which works well too.


They’ve chosen a definite theme here. Anything black, white or peach. The heaviest colour is in the middle with the lighter and more minimal prints around the edges.


Oooo I love this one. How cool?! They’ve chosen to go bold here and it works! So blues, blacks, prints and a splash of colour. My  favourite part is how the bottom frames all line up and then they’ve built the gallery upwards. There are no mounts and all the frames are the same thickness. That’s why bold prints work well here.


This one is great above the bedside table. You don’t need a bedhead when you create other focal points. They’ve chosen to stick to the subtle colours with line drawings.


A corner gallery wall is very cool! If you’re stuck on what to do with a corner (aren’t we all?!) then this might work for you. And it’s in a bathroom – that’s different.


Have you got a big wall and an empty space above a couch? Then a gallery wall may fill up any bare walls. I’ve seen a lot of the prints above on Pinterest, so I am sure you can easily download these.


Similar to the idea above by using frames to fill a wall above a couch. It’s a great idea if you aren’t in to huge artwork pieces or if you don’t want to commit to spending lots of money on a huge single print. They’ve just chosen what they love it works.

How do you actually go about hanging that gallery wall??

This is how…


Trace out your frames on paper, stick them on the wall (make sure you write on each piece which frame/picture will go there).

Stand back, move them around and then off you go! Don’t be too fussy. The spacing does not have to be perfect I promise you. The frames will do the talking and no one cares about spacing.

You might like to read this post on how to hang a single piece of art – there’s a rule!

Happy hanging 😉 KC.


  • Chris

    I really like the third image how it aligns nicely with the chair of the dining tables. I imagine it’s very hard to do, but do you recommend trying to match any kind of shapes/sizes to existing furninte, etc already in the room?

  • Bulk Toys

    Wow ! Really wonderful gallery wall

  • Jacqui Miller

    I love this! I will be doing this in our new build and taking note of the tutorial you posted about prints and frames. Thanks!!

  • Danielle Andreoli

    I love a gallery wall or 5! I would do it to every wall in the house if Luigi didn’t have to put screws in for the bigger stuff. I’m attempting to get some family memories hung on the wall this year. I have them stock piled and just need to print but I can’t decide on a design.

  • Denise Gascoigne

    This is fantastic. I’ve often seen prints in Etsy and Pinterest but wondered where to get them printed and how much the printing costs. Any top tips? I’m in Adelaide

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