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Groutless shower ideas

Groutless? Yes, I don’t think that’s a real word, but it should be! After re-grouting my showers over the past couple of weeks I am over tiles and grout. Why is there such a thing? I like low maintenance and I started searching for ideas (for next house one day!) on how to have a shower that does not have tiles or grout… just a smooth surface to spray and wipe. Like seamless wall panels – that would be nice. Or what about a concrete finish? Would that be easy to look after?

Check out these products/ideas below and click on the link under each photo to see more of the product…









What do you think? I love this one above with the pebble floor – it wouldn’t matter if the grout was dirty because you wouldn’t see it (and that step-in bath!).

♥ KC.


  • Cheryl Kennedy

    Yep love this idea ! Wonder if you can put it over existing tiles ?

    • Katrina Chambers

      Yes I think you can! I was reading a company profile somewhere today and they stuck it straight over.

    • Cheryl Kennedy

      Katrina Chambers wow that’s great to know will have to research it when we are ready to do the bathroom

    • Katrina Chambers

      Cheryl Kennedy click on some of the links under the photos and the websites have videos on installation

    • Cheryl Kennedy

      Katrina Chambers will do thank you for that good luck to the boys this weekend hopefully someone will keep us updated on results

  • Shayne Mitchell

    We got that, just plain white, but loved that there was no grout to scrub!

  • Anita Lane

    How can yours need doing do soon??

    • Katrina Chambers

      They weren’t good to start with and I didn’t want dramas down the track so worth doing now!

  • Jessica Carter Malavin

    Thanks for sharing…Im going to look into this further..I have a bathroom to do and just couldnt make up my mind.. this is a great idea.. 🙂

  • Jennifer Antoun

    We have panels in our main bathroom, and a concrete style floor. So amazingly easy to clean, and don’t need to clean it as often.

  • Donna

    No grout is my dream also. What do you think of the showers with wooden bases? No way that they’re low maintenance.

    • Katrina (author)

      Yeah I think I’d stick to a pebble tile there maybe?

  • Caroline

    The new porcelain which is being used for kitchen benchtops would be good for this – not sure how large the panels can come though but you’d certainly be able o minimize grout lines with them.

  • Andrea

    At OzzieSplash we are specialist in Splashbacks for Bathrooms, Showers and Kitchens. We know how hard it is to clean grout between tiles, that is why we use highest German quality acrylic to cover old tiles.
    We back paint the Splashback to any colour of your choice including metallic colours and use colour charts from Dulux, Wattly or British Paint which gives you 1000 of colours.
    OzzieSplash is specialist in DIY , we custom cut and custom paint your shower panels and send them straight to your door.
    Feel free to measure your Shower walls for an obligation free quote or use our online calculator
    There are also great photos and testimonials from happy customers on our website.

    Say goodbye to cleaning grout for ever with OzzieSplash.

  • Ashlea | Glamour Coastal Living |

    Oh yes! massive hater of grout!
    I went with grey concrete look tiles in my shower with a grey grout to hide the grime and mould. Best decision ever, but still requires lots of scrubbing and cleaning. Imagine having a whole slab of marble….ahhhh swoooon!

  • Penelope

    Wow I have been reading your blog lately and have been researching this for myself. There is another product like Corian which is called Staron. The have some pictures on their website for applications in showers, however I have absolutely no idea how much it would cost. I’m going to talk to my local kitchen builders, who are accredited to work with Staron and see if it’s a possibility in my new house.

  • Kelsie Adare

    Hellen Rial!!!!
    Amanda de Git- my Dream!

  • Haylee Rose

    Lol we must have see this at the same time!!

  • KC too

    Definitely looking into for our new house. Dekton (by Cosentino) is another option. I believe they do an 8mm thick slab.

  • suzanne

    Hi, I’m trying to locate one of the products pictured….the shower with the marble walls and teak floor. the link (via) just brings me back to pinterest. can you help? thank you!

    • Katrina (author)

      I’m not sure now sorry!

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