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DIY: Tiling the back verandah

Inspired by UBank.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Today I wanted to share a DIY project that we’ve been doing at home over the last few weeks. Our house is only about 18 months old but there’s still lots of jobs to do around here. It never stops, but I totally love it! We knew when we built this house that eventually we’d want to tile our back verandah… But you know how it is, money doesn’t grow on trees!

Then a great opportunity came my way… UBank asked if I had any DIY jobs which could be done. UBank gave me a $1,600 EFTPOS card to spend on any DIY jobs around my house.

Now, let me show you my UBank inspired DIY challenge…

I purchased my outdoor tiles from National Tiles. My husband is in the beanie and we conned a mate to help us get it started. He’s a handy friend to have! Whilst I knew my husband could do it all himself, it was waaaay easier when you get another set of eyes on the job.





We lived in a mess, during Winter and school holidays like this for about 4 weeks! The sun goes down so quick and there’s never enough daylight hours! My husband got the tiles down in only 2 days, but it was getting the time to grout and finish up… so, it was MY turn to chip in. Let’s get messy…



I smashed it. I grouted all of the tiles and my son wiped off the excess behind me… He’s such a good helper.


And here we go! Finished! I need some serious styling out here. It’s very boring. We need some more plants, a tv on the wall and I’m after an outdoor couch. That might be my next project! 😉






It looks 1000 times better and has instantly added appeal and value to our home. I think anyone can do these easy DIY projects on their own. Can you already see the possibility of adding value to your home? That’s what I am always looking to do – add value to my home! That’s why I love DIY so much.

Do you have any dream projects you’d like to get done around your home? I’d love to know!

Disclaimer: I received $1600 from UBank before publishing this blog. This blog contains general information about my personal views and experiences.


  • Parisgirl

    I want to concrete under the house. We had to rebuild following the 2011 Brisbane floods. There was not enough money to finish properly so we have been living with dirt ever since. I walk out of the laundry or from upstairs and there Is dirt, dry and cracked everywhere. I have slipped a few times but the cost is out of our league for the time being. One of these days it will happen

  • Judie

    I want to plant out a vegetable garden, but we have a resident bush turkey who’s taking all the mulch and top layer of dirt off our garden beds. I’ve got some raised garden beds ready to go – just need some soil. Hopefully soon.

  • Mum E (familyHOMEblog)

    Very inspiring! I’m itching to the same to our front porch and driveway.

  • Bella

    We are desperate for a new concrete driveway

  • Paula

    We also are yet to complete the flooring on our deck (moved in 9 months ago).
    It really never ends, but like you said money doesn’t grow on trees (unfortunately) 😉

  • siobhanjohnsphotography

    Ours is our kitchen – we need a new kitchen badly, but before we get in the cabinet maker we need to replaster a wall, which currently has a blanket on it for insulation (we moved a window!) and to fix a few floor boards, then we can whitewash them!!

  • anastasia

    wow – cant believe you’ve been in your home for 18mnths already! how time flies…we are looking to build as well and are looking at project homes right now. So many negative comments online though…its confusing! wish us luck!
    The tiles look great! nice space to hangout this Summer!

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