The Block Glasshouse: Terrace week!

It was the final reveal of The Block Glasshouse with Terrace Week…

Darren and Dee won the final week of The Block with their terrace. They received 3 perfect scores for their small, but elegantly styled outdoor terrace with a mezzanine level which took in their city views. This was clever.

Michael and Carlene finished half a point behind Dee and Darren because they hadn’t remembered to include the light that was a requirement from a previous challenge.

I loved Max and Karstan’s terrace with their vertical garden and pops of colour! This was probably my favourite for the night.

Shannon and Simon’s hanging plants weren’t my thing. I didn’t like them at all. What did you think? Shayne wasn’t a fan either.

Poor Chris and Jenna had the biggest total outdoor space to renovate and didn’t quite finish.

Of course there is now a final twist – just when they thought it was all over!!! The teams will spend the next two weeks renovating the “elephant” in the Glasshouse, the hidden sixth apartment situated between Shannon and Simon and Dee and Darren’s apartments. This will help them with deductions off their reserve prices come auction day.

Take a look at all the photos…

House 1 – Michael & Carlene
The Block in Melbourne H1 Rm9 C_M Terrace EA 27 copy H1 Rm9 C_M Terrace EA 28 copy The Block in Melbourne

House 2 – Chris & Jenna

Shop Chris and Jenna H2 Rm9 C_J Terrace EA 15 copy H2 Rm9 C_J Terrace EA 16 copy H2 Rm9 C_J Terrace EA 17 copy The Block in Melbourne

House 3 – Max & Karstan

The Block in Melbourne H3 Rm9 M_K Terrace EA 23 copy The Block in Melbourne The Block in Melbourne

House 4 – Simon & Shannon

The Block in Melbourne H4 Rm9 S_S Terrace EA 15 copy H4 Rm9 S_S Terrace EA 19 copy H4 Rm9 S_S Terrace EA 33 copy

House 5 – Darren & Dee

The Block in Melbourne H5 Rm9 D_D Terrace EA 2 copy H5 Rm9 D_D Terrace EA 5 copy The Block in Melbourne The Block in Melbourne

What did you think about the reveals last night? Now that the apartments are all done, who is your favourite?


  • Chris Beck

    I missed the judges comments on chris and jennas outdoors. ….even though it wasnt finished did they like what was done so far????

  • Jay Kaye

    I didn’t like the boys terrace at all. That massive wall with just the bbq and art against it looked really lost and I didn’t like the hanging pots either. Also their stools and bench seats all appeared to sit too low for the bench tops they were placed at. Max and Karstan’s was gorgeous but I thought the table needed to be slightly larger. Amazing what they have all achieved.

  • Sarah Read

    Do Chris and Jenna get to finish it at all?

  • Kirsty Beard

    Love D&D and Michael & Carlenes! Thought Max and Karstens was overrated!

  • Amy Goodman

    Ditto Kristy!

  • Stacey Taylor

    I felt for Chris & Jenna.

  • Johanne

    I think the result was right, but there were a few anomalies! What about the big grey wall (with door) in Dee and Darren’s terrace? It looks unfinished. I don’t think Max and Karstan’s matches their apartment at all and is more suited to the style of the boys. And their furnishings look very uncomfortable. And how are the boys going to water their plants? In terms of function and overall feel, I like Michael and Carlene’s, minus fake grass. This armchair judging is very easy!!

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