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Avoid these 5 mistakes when choosing a rug for your living space

Rugs play an important role in the style and vibe of a room. They anchor the overall colour scheme and offer personality and warmth to a space.

The right rug can ground a room, add colour or texture and can segregate areas within an open living area.

Choosing the right rug for your living room will be important because the wrong rug can affect the proportion of the room. It can also make the room look disjointed which is the opposite intention when choosing a rug.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a rug…

Too Neutral

Unless the floor is busy, take some risks with your rug of choice. Consider all patterns and colours.

Black and white rugs are popular because they do compliment a number of different interior styles.  But don’t be afraid to make a bold selection by choosing a floral pattern, geometric or Persian style rug.

Do consider the busyness of the pattern and where it can be seen on the rug. If the rug you’ve chosen has the print in the centre, it may get hidden with the coffee table.

You also don’t want your rug to blend in with the existing floor, so make it stand out by choosing a contrasting colour.

Don’t be afraid to layer your rug over rooms with carpet. It’s even more imperative to choose a colour and pattern which will pop against the carpet floor.

Too Small

Bigger is better when it comes to rugs… unless it takes the whole floor space. A larger size rug can give depth to a room and make it inviting.

Most people will choose a small rug and create a perimeter of floor around it with the placement of furniture.

Your furniture should rest on the edge of the rug. Small rugs can make a room look small so be sure to choose a larger size when looking through the size options. The smallest rug may be the cheapest but it may not be the right size for your space and can therefore be a waste of money.

Tip: If you have purchased a rug and it’s too small, buy another to match and create a larger rug space or layer with an alternate rug like a jute.

Too late

The rug is the anchor to a whole room and is used to discern the colour of the sofas, cushions and throws. It’s best to purchase a rug first and style from the floor up.

If you’re adding a rug to an established room, it can be hard to match with the existing accessories and soft furnishings. Consider changing these to create a cohesive look or opt to test before you buy. There are rug suppliers who will let you test the rug in your room before purchasing.

When buying online, see if they offer a visual feature where you can upload a photo of your room with your chosen rug. This can offer confidence when purchasing online.

Too Hazardous

Rugs can be a hazard to the floor if they’re not secured with an anti-slip mat. This is crucial for rugs on hard floors – especially timber as it can give someone a slip and slide experience.

The other risk when not using an anti-slip mat is the potential for the rug to damage your floors or the floor damages your rug. This can reduce its life span.

Not hard-wearing enough

Consider the durability of your rug and who you live with as the material needs to suit your lifestyle.

A shag-pile rug may not be ideal with toddlers or young children as it can hide food and LEGO. A hard-wearing rug will suit families and households with pets.

For rooms with high traffic, choose a rug that won’t stain easily and can be cleaned. Opt for a stain-resistant rug as it will require less maintenance and cleaning.

Hopefully these tips will help you successfully choose the best rug for your space. Once the decision is made and the rug is rolled out, you will be glad you spent the time researching the right one.

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  • Aishwarya

    This article was really helpful!!!! I will keep these factors in mind before purchasing one for myself.

  • Cross Carpets

    Great content now people will be able to comprehend when choosing the best rugs for their homes.

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