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5 places not to hang a mirror

Mirrors move energy around your home in lots of different ways. And if you’re a fan of Feng Shui (or even just energy!), then you’ll want to know where you shouldn’t be placing a mirror.

1. In the bedroom

Mirrors can create all kinds of illusions and attribute to insomnia. An explanation is that when we sleep our soul leaves our body and when it sees itself in a mirror at night it becomes startled and this is not good energy! I don’t like the sound of that one, so it’s probably best to leave mirrors out of the room altogether. So keep the mirrors in the ensuite or a walk-in-robe, or inside a robe door.

2. On a neighbouring wall

Mirrors are a portal of energy so don’t place a mirror on a wall which adjoins your neighbours house (like in a unit). You don’t want any of their energy creeping in to your home!

3. Across from clutter

Obviously mirrors reflect everything. You don’t want to see 2 lots of clutter do you? The reflection should be one of calm and cleanliness. You want to attract tidy, not messy.

4. Across from another mirror

Bouncing energy between the 2 mirrors is unsettling and frantic. You can lose perspective in your home. You’ll feel more grounded when mirrors aren’t reflecting each other.

5. Across from the front door

My favourite of all time. Never put a mirror at the end of a hallway when it reflects your front door. If any good energy comes in it will immediately be bounced back outside.

♥ KC.

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  • Victoria Murphy-Casey

    I’m stuffed then?..2 Mirrors in bedroom and face each other.Can’t get rid of one,unfortunately but the other will have to go..How I look dressed is about to get interesting.?

  • Mick Berry

    Well, I didn’t know that mirror should not be placed in bedroom because I have mirror in my bedroom since 8 years. May be I shall remove it and try and see what happens next

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