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How much does it really cost to furnish a room?

Looking to have your home transformed by a design professional?

Here’s the uncomfortable topic that many avoid discussing but is crucial to consider: your interior design budget.

Let’s delve into it.

Many Don’t Make Full Purchases at Once

This is likely why budget can be such a surprise for people. The reality is most of us gradually purchase furniture and decor over time. We start with a couch, then add a rug, and eventually a dream armchair.

After tax season or receiving a bonus, we can finally afford those curtains. I get ya!

However, when working with a designer, you’re making all these purchases at once, and they can add up quickly. Working with a designer has its advantages, though.

We create a vision for the entire space, source all the products at once, and style everything in your home without causing you stress or running around to different stores on weekends.

Or at the very least – email you moodboards with the shopping links so you can bring it all together.

I can assure you that to have a fully designed and complete room, you need to invest a bit of money.

Can you furnish an entire home with $20,000?

Not likely. I’ll explain here..

Let’s examine what it takes to furnish a living room. For a basic, fully furnished living room, you would need at least:

  • 2 to 3 seater couch (maybe with a chaise) $3,000
  • Floor rug $1,200 (over-sized)
  • Coffee table $500
  • Armchair (in most cases) $800
  • Side table next to the armchair or console table $400
  • Entertainment unit $2,000 (can be done cheaper too)
  • Floor lamp $300
  • Wall art $600
  • Five-six cushions for the couch and armchair $400
  • Accessories like vases, pots, urns or decorative pieces $500

= $9,700.

This is just furniture and decor. It’s probably on the higher end of the budget, and you can do it for less if you add Kmart or Target items (totally ok too!). It does not include things like paint, window treatments, or pendant lights, which would also typically be included in a complete living room design.

Additionally, there will be delivery charges to consider. Each supplier is different, so it’s necessary to allocate some extra budget for this expense.

This should give you an idea of why $20,000 was insufficient to furnish an entire house. Because half of that budget goes to a living room.

Now, if you want help with your own house or individual rooms, let me know, because I can help! I can most certainly help you stick to a budget. You don’t have to have a huge budget to work with me, but you do need to have a budget.

And even though you’re also paying me for my time and skillset, you’ll also know you’ll get a room that is well put together and last for years to come.

If you want to learn more about my services then go here.

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