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6 indoor plants that would love to live in your bathroom

Bathrooms are tricky places to grow plants. Only because there is often low light, a lot of warmth and moisture. Not all indoor plants love these environments. Tropical plants are probably best suited.

Today I have 6 indoor plants that would love to live in your bathroom. They are pretty hardy and fool proof. Although don’t feel bad if you kill one haha! I’ve done it. And they are pretty affordable, so just love it while you’ve got it, cross your fingers and hope for the best 😉

Snake Plant – perfect for the bathroom due to its adaptability. It is extremely tolerant, hard to kill, and if kept in a humid bathroom, they might need little to no water whatsoever. They are also known to filter toxins from the air, perfect to counteract bathroom products.

Devil’s Ivy – gorgeous hanging pot because of their lush green leaves. They thrive with filtered light and little water so perfect for the bathroom.

Zanzibar Gem – they can grow in a dark cupboard and only need water 2-3 times a year. The best set-and-forget plant.

Boston Fern – is native to tropical environments so they thrive off the humidity. Use a spray bottle on their leaves every now and then to keep them looking fresh. Place or hang near the window as they require as much indirect light as possible.

Orchid – they are native to rainforests, so they will love the bathroom. Give them little dribs and drabs of water every week. Place next to window because they will need some light, and fresh air.

Peace Lily – cleanses the air of chemicals, will survive in filtered light. They do love the water, but you will be able to tell when they need it – because the leaves will droop.

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♥ KC.

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