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6 bad Feng Shui elements

Broken things

Get out the super glue, find the Allen key, repair that leaking tap, change the light bulb… You don’t want to unnecessarily attract broken or damaged energy, so make sure you keep on top of home maintenance. When you ignore broken things you’re not attracting abundance. When you DO pay attention to broken items you’re setting your intentions to fix things, move forward and not be in a spot of neglect.

Dried arrangements

Remove any old dead plants or dried arrangements. I know they can look good (like the above picture) but these dust-catchers represent dead, stale energy and they have to go. If you do have a dried arrangement which represents a special time (like wedding flowers) it’s best to keep the energy around them good and move them into a less prominent space. The key is to not have wilted plants, stale water, dead leaves, and dusty plants.

A thorny plant

The cactus is very trendy right now! But those thorny little fellas won’t be helping the flow of energy in your home. The reason being that a thorny plant can bring nervous and irritable energy. We want harmony and free flowing energy in our homes. The cactus needles are sharp objects – like lots of tiny arrows that shoot directed energy into the surrounding area. Leave these for outside spaces if you can.

A mirror facing your bed

Not only is it creepy, it’s said to “bring a third party to your sleep”. Mirrors can create all kinds of illusions and attribute to insomnia. An explanation is that when we sleep our soul leaves our body and when it sees itself in a mirror at night it becomes startled and this is not good energy! I don’t like the sound of that one, so it’s probably best to leave mirrors out of the room altogether.

Unruly Cords

Ooooo this is my favourite! I cannot handle the unruly cord. I am like the cord ninja. I am so quick to hide any messy looking wires. It goes without saying – energy in those cords should be hidden away. Creativity is most certainly blocked if cords are hanging around. Not only does this apply in the office, but same for your bedroom, the tv room, the kitchen. Pinterest has a multitude of cord hiding ideas.

Too many bed pillows

Say what?? I love styling up the bedroom, but Feng Shui experts believe too many pillows symbolises keeping a lover out of the space. Now we don’t want that. This clip above makes me laugh every time.

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Have a great day! ♥ KC.


  • Chrissie Taylor

    We sold our expensive dressing table with the mirror for this reason!!! Once you implement the Marie Kondo principals, I’ll be interested to see how many pillows you keep in your bedroom/home I culled about 12!!!

    • Katrina Chambers

      Today might be a good day to get started reading it! It’s sitting waiting

  • Kelly McClure

    I haven’t experienced it myself, we have 9 currently, just represents in my eye a well presented bed!

  • Beth Higgins

    Oh you got me on the cords…my office space (which is currently in our living room) is horrendous. I bought a cable hiding box thingy from bunnings 3 weeks ago but have made no attempt to use it yet. But it definitely puts a big dampener on the space.

  • Leah

    Need to watch that movie again ????

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