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DIY: How to paint concrete

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this post go of its head! I painted my concrete a couple of months ago and even though I was worried about how it would look in the end, I think the photos speak for themselves…. it’s amazing!

If you can paint a wall, you can paint your concrete. I did all of this with my 16 year old son. It was soooo easy.

The product is from U-coat and I chose the ‘French Grey Flake Kit’.

It’s simple to apply. Make sure you read the instructions in your kit though.

It needed a really good clean and I used a high pressure hose and the cleaning agent that came with the kit.

5 STEPS to paint your concrete

  1. Clean it
  2. One coat of paint (don’t be shy about getting it on there, because the first coat always sinks in fast!).
  3. Second coat of paint (easier to go on).
  4. Throw in the vinyl flakes for the terrazzo look while the second coat is still wet.
  5. Seal it.

TIP – Work in sections ie. paint a section, throw in the flakes, paint another section, throw in the flakes – so you aren’t walking on wet paint or backing yourself in to a corner.

Common Q&A

  1. Is it slippery? I would say “not overly, but be cautious”. Newer and smoother concrete will be more slippery than older and rougher concrete.
  2. Can I use around a pool? Because of the above, I would probably say no. Aesthetically yes, but I’d be worried it could be slippery. ALL paints around a pool are slippery no matter what you use.
  3. Does is chip? Nope! I’ve had it down for about 3 months now and not one thing has changed. It still looks new.
  4. Can you high pressure hose clean it afterwards? Yes!
  5. Can you use on pavers? Yes.
  6. Can you use in a garage? Yes, absolutely. It was originally designed for garage floors.


Use code “KATRINA” at the checkout to get $40 off your kit.

I’m so happy with the results. What else can I paint now? Ha!


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