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WIN: Makeover your bedroom for Winter with an AURA voucher!


Winter is almost here and it’s time to change up your bedroom style! AURA by Tracie Ellis has just released it’s new Winter 2015 range and I’d love to give you the chance to win a $150 voucher to spend in their store so you can have a cozy new bedroom too!

I’ve given my bedroom a new look and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. With a sprinkle of dots, a little bit of gold, some blush pink and a touch of charcoal I’ve given my room a fresh new feel.

With just a few new pieces of linen you can update your bedroom for Winter in a matter of minutes!

Here’s where you can shop the look:

You can shop the entire look over here too.



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Even my fur baby loves it! I can’t keep him off the bed during the day. I tried to take photos and he wouldn’t budge so I left him there haha!

Now, would you like a $150 voucher to spend at AURA? All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post telling me why your bedroom needs a makeover for Winter. So easy…

CLOSED. Winner announced in the comments below.


  • Amy

    Children and hubby drive me dotty with their snoring. Time to ironically embrace this with Aura’s new range, given I’ll be sticking my head under the covers this winter!

  • Kylie

    My current quilt cover was purchased in 1998! It is blue and yellow daisies and very out of date. An Aura makeover would be a winter winner, a stylish bedroom I could then deliver.

  • Ariel Riley

    Please help! I am so tired of seeing the same bedspread, the same white walls and the same BORING!

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    My walls are bland, the sheets are getting thin, and my quilt cover is an $8 Op Shop special. I was so desperate for a cushion on the bed I grabbed one of my sons Thomas the Tank Engine ones! Please help!

  • sapna

    Winter is a great time to snuggle in with the whole family watching back to back movies on projector in the bedroom. To make this happen our bedroom needs a makeover making it appealing and comfortable and to give it a theatre like feel with recliner seats which become our bed.

  • Jo

    We’ve just repainted, which of course makes everything else look so very tired! I’d love to win so that I can freshen up the look of the bed, to go with the new walls.

  • Amanda

    Looks great! I would love a bedroom makeover this winter as I’m needing a bit of a pick me up for all those middle of the night feeds with my new baby!

  • Tara

    I would love a bedroom makeover. We bought a king bed a few months back and are still sporting a queen size dooms and cover. A makeover would help us to finally get this sorted and not be so cold now the season is changing!

  • Lily

    My husband thinks that “warming up” our bedroom consists of taking out his 20 year old mink blankie that has seen better days. Help me please!

  • Kate

    Wow your bed looks amazing with all those beautiful pieces. I really struggle with styling my home and as our bedroom is the first room guests pass when they come over; instead of shutting the door in fear of embarrassment I would love to be able to leave it wide open for everyone to see my very own stunning Aura styled bed.

  • Belinda McLeod

    Needs a winter spruce as I have a very summery look

  • Louise Mckeon

    My bedroom needs a winter makeover so it can become my retreat for the next few months, I’ll add the hot chocolate, slippers and movies!

    Ps. I need your dog too

  • Jessica Liu

    Living at a student campus accommodation for the past two years, my bedroom has never looked nor felt like the one at home. With its dull white dorm walls and the spiritless Kmart bed sheets, all I ask for is a warm and luminous revamp to help blur out the chilly winter to come. Aura, will you be my fairy godmother?

  • Helen

    We use very little bedding in the hot weather. Now that it’s cooler, Aura’s snuggle worthy linens would be spot on!

  • Ange

    No quilt cover, no doonah – want something new and special

  • Danielle Breust

    I would love to have a quality doona cover after having cheap ones all my life. This doona cover in your pictures is gorgeous!! I would love to do my room up like that!

  • Kristy winters

    With four children coming and going from our bed I don’t think we even have a single matching pillow case in our room, I would love to give our room a make over into a haven for us adults.

  • Katrina C

    I am currently in the process of redesigning our bedroom to make it feel more cozy for winter. This voucher would help me finish and get the look I am after.

  • Vic Stanway

    Would love to give the voucher to my teenage daughter as a surprise as she wants to complete her new bedroom and I’m sure she would be thrilled to see her room look complete and looking fab in Aura linen.

  • Charlotte S

    Sadly, since I’m still living at home, I’m rocking the single bed I chose when I was six… and unfortunately my taste has changed drastically from when the basic metal frame with the hot pink paint caught my eye almost 20 years ago. A linen makeover from AURA would help neutralise my bedroom and warm me back up to the look I’ve gone cold on this Winter!

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

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