Who will win The Block All Stars?


Tonight’s episode of The Block will a cracker! It’s the AUCTION! I can’t wait to watch.

{Not such great memories for me personally…}

Have you been watching the show? Who’s your favourite?

I’ve loved so many design elements this season. I really want one of those large propellers the boys used last week – that was a favourite of mine!

If you love The Block, never fear, there is another series airing later this year…

Let me know who you think will win!

Who will win The Block All Stars?
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Tonight’s episode will be 2 hours starting at 7pm. I’ll be tuning in!



  • Brismod

    It could be anyone’s. I’m just so sad it’s nearly finished…enjoyed watching this series a lot. xx

  • Lisa King

    I love Phil and Amity and their house. Hoping they win. They all did such an amazing job.

  • Deanne

    I hope Phil and Amity win, but the boys are cool too!

  • Kathy

    Phil & Amity to win please. I love their house, which I think refelcts their personality. Or the boys – go you good thing. Infact, anyone but Josh & Jenna winning would be a good outcome for me!

  • penny barns

    I love Phil & Amity’s house and styling. Not sure of the positioning of the stair case though.
    I just have a feeling that Josh & Jenna will win
    Pen x

  • Lea

    So many elements from all the homes i’d love to roll it & whack into one 😉

    I’m probably going to say P&A.. but it could be anyone ( besides D&D ). I *loved* the boy’s living area – sooo much .. and that propeller! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it – want, want, WANT!

    Was admiring those wooden plank tiles the other day in the tile store too – divine.

  • Renata

    I love the boys home, they did some amazing things, who could beat a fabulous black glass wall with the tv, and the propellor ! the bathroom was also the best one, luxurious and with a bit of unique additions, loved it all. I hope they win.

  • Lisa

    Josh and Jenna!!!! Loved them since they first did the block.

    I don’t see why everyone loves P&A so much. Their house is .. nice, but nothing special.

  • Paul

    My wife and I are now in Block Withdrawal! We enjoyed watching The Block every night. Sad that is is finished! Sad for the guys…they were robbed!

  • Helen Jaman

    I loved elements of all the homes…great outcome for all except for the boys – feel for them, must have been difficult with everyone around the ‘cleaning up’ …

  • Alicia - Time worn style

    Oh my I was EXHAUSTED after watching the final.
    Felt so disappointed for the boys but as usual they put on a brave face.
    Lots of ideas from watching the houses progress!

  • Clementine

    Hi Katrina,
    What a series! Loved every minute of if and I am so very disappointed that it is over. I am a huge fan of Josh and Jenna…have been since I saw them on your series in 2011. It was great to have them back on our screens for The Block All Stars…even if for such a short period of time.

    I was wondering (as you are still friends with them), could you do an interview with Josh and Jenna on your blog for your readers. I am sure there are many more J & J fans, that would love to hear about their second experience on The Block and about their company Bicker Design Co.


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