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We’ve moved in!

We’re here! We’ve done it! I am very tired, but over the moon. We had lots of helpers over the weekend so we couldn’t have done it without them.

I have a garage full of stuff still to unpack and already lots of furniture either doesn’t fit, or suit, so I’ll be having a garage sale or something. Time for a few new goodies I think! That’s the best part about moving – having a good cull.

There’s still quite a bit of work to do on the house over the next few months (turf, my office, fireplace, shutters), but I am looking forward to the challenge. I love being busy and I am going to love have projects on the go.

I’ve been waking up very early and grabbing the iPad to trawl through photos/online shops for inspiration. I’ll be featuring anything I buy here on my blog! So, if you have something I might like, send me an email and we’ll chat 🙂 Oh, and I share everything on Instagram so keep an eye on that!

Gotta run, the plumber will be here soon to hook up my kitchen sink! I’ve been using the laundry sink!




  • Clare

    Well done Katrina!!! I have loved watching your house progress. It has convinced me that once my house sells (fingers crossed), I think we will build our “forever home”! It will give us a glance to make sure we have EVERYTHING we want in it which just isn’t completely possible with a Reno.
    Anyway I am waffling…… You house looks fab….. Can’t wait to peek inside 😉

  • Cindy

    Congratulations, it looks lovely

  • Marissa Roberts

    I can’t wait to see how you decorate / style your office!

    Congrats on the move xx

  • Susan

    Wow! Your house looks fantastic! Very similar to what we are in the process of building, including the shale grey boards!
    Just wondering what other colours you have used on the exterior? We are still a little stuck with those:)

  • tessa white

    Congrats hun.. looks gorgeous. I have no doubt the inside will be just as gorgeous as the entrance x

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