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Tips for a restful night’s sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Or just need to relax a little more during certain parts of the day? My sleep pattern hasn’t been great lately. I have found it hard to stay asleep. I can fall asleep very easily, but if I wake then I can’t rest again! I’ve been sick, we’ve all had the flu and we’re over the winter weather here. We’re looking forward to longer evenings so we’re more tired each night and ready to rest!

Last week Canningvale kindly gifted me a few new goodies for my bed to help create a more peaceful night’s sleep. Of course, we can all aim for a better night’s sleep when our bedding is comfy, fresh and feels amazing!

I couldn’t wait to put the new mattress topper on my bed. It’s the ideal partner to add that extra layer of comfort to your mattress. With a 100% hypoallergenic down-like fill it will help protect your mattress from stains, dust, allergens as well as extending the life of your mattress. It will bring a wonderfully soft and sublime comfort to your sleep experience.

Then I decided to add a couple of new Latex Pillows for extra comfort. Canningvale’s Latex Pillow has a classic soft profile which supports the head and neck for superior comfort while you sleep. The pin core ventilation throughout enables greater air flow and breathability whilst the latex offers natural anti-microbial properties. The soft cotton/polyester velour cover is machine washable and has a zip closure for easy removal.

Then of course a new doona cover to make the room look cosy and fresh was in order! I chose this Taupe Linen King Cover. It creates the perfect environment for an amazing night’s sleepThese fibres are naturally long lasting, resistant to friction and cope with moisture so well, you won’t ever feel damp during those warm balmy summer nights. 

After you’ve got your bedding right, why don’t you try a couple these other tips which might help you get a more restful night’s sleep?

  1. Try some of the apps I wrote about previously.
  2. Stick to a schedule to go to sleep and wake up. Have you listened to the Podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin? She suggests an alarm to go to bed. Love that idea! That way you have to force yourself to go to bed. It’s a good routine if you’re an night owl and can’t get up in the morning.
  3. Don’t sleep in the day. Oh I wish I could sometimes, but I always hold out until night time.
  4. Don’t eat just before bed. Have your heavy dinner meal earlier and give it time to digest before you sleep.
  5. Don’t drink caffeine or sugar after about 3pm. I just know with me I’m bouncing off the walls if I eat or drink too late in the day.
  6. Take a brisk walk and suck in the fresh air some time in the day.
  7. Evaluate your bedroom. Of course comfortable linen is a must, but also think about too much light, smells and draughts.

To celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Canningvale offers Free Trial on ANY products, including sheet sets, quilt cover sets, throws, towels, pillows and more.

Hope you get a good sleep tonight! ♥ KC.

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