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5 apps to help you sleep & relax


Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Or just need to relax a little more during certain parts of the day? My sleep pattern hasn’t been great lately. I have found it hard to stay asleep. I can fall asleep very easily, but if I wake then I can’t rest again! My husband has been sick, we’ve all had the flu and we’re sick of the Winter weather here. We’re looking forward to longer evenings so we’re more tired each night and ready to rest!

I’ve complied a list of 5 apps to help you sleep & relax. I’ve used them all in the past couple of weeks. My favourite is the last one…

icon175x175 (2)White Noise

This a free app with over 40 sounds. Even when you’re asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noises such as faucet drips or police sirens can interrupt your sleep. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.

Sound Catalogue –

Air Conditioner, Airplane Travel, Amazon Jungle, Beach Waves Crashing, Blowing Wind, Blue Noise, Boat Swaying in Water, Brown Noise, Camp Fire, Cars Driving, Cat Purring, Chimes Chiming, City Streets, Clothes Dryer, Crickets Chirping, Crowded Room, Dish Washer, Extreme Rain Pouring, Frogs at Night, Grandfather Clock, Hair Dryer Blowing, Heartbeat, Heavy Rain Pouring, Light Rain with Birds, Ocean Waves Crashing, Oscillating Fan, Pink Noise, Rain on Car Roof, Rain Storm, Running Shower, Running Water, Stream Water Flowing, Thunder Storm, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Train Ride, Vacuum Cleaner, Violet Noise, Water Dripping, Water Sprinkler, White Noise.

Download here.


icon175x175 (1)Relax & Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold: A Relaxation Self-Hypnosis Meditation

I was interested to try this app. It has a good view reviews when you google it. The first of the free tracks, Relax & Sleep Well is a full 29-minute hypnotherapy session that will take you on a relaxing journey into the deepest levels of self-hypnosis. The subtle background soundscapes supporting Glenn’s calming voice will help you connect with a profound feeling of relaxation. It will also help you to alleviate stress and anxiety, overcome insomnia and encourage healthy sleeping patterns.

Inside the app you can also buy a rang of his other programs like: Overcome Anxiety, Lose weight Now, Heal Your Body, Build Your Self Esteem, Overcome Fears… plus lots more.

Download here.


icon175x175Free Relaxing Sounds Of Nature and SPA Music to Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Power Nap,Yoga & Meditation, Massage Therapy, Insomnia Relief & Better Sleep

 This app has beautiful soundscapes that will help you to get away from the noise of the city, feel free from the problems that surround you and help you fall asleep.

There is a huge amount of sounds to choose from. My husband loves the rain! The Heartbeat one might be could for a little baby?

Download here.


icon175x175Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax, Breathe

Calm can help you meditate, sleep, relax, focus and much more. Start with the 7 Days of Calm – learn the basics of mindfulness meditation in our free introductory program. But after that time, if you want to continue with their program you have to pay them a fee. I did do the 7 days of calm and really enjoyed it – the girl talking was good, but I won’t pay to continue.

Download it here.


icon175x175 (1)Deep Calm – Nature Sounds, Sleep Music, White Noise Help You Get Better Sleeping App

I have saved the best until last. This is my favourite. Deep Calm is the best customisable sleep and relaxation aid app with nature sound effects and relax melodies. It’s best for sleep, relaxation, yoga, meditation, concentrate, study. It has over 20 nature sounds and relaxation melodies. Listening to nature sounds is the most natural and healthy way to get relaxation and improve sleep quality! My husband and I have become quite obsessed with this one – we change our nature sounds to suit us (I don’t like crickets or frog noises, but he does!).

Download it here.


Let me know if you give one of them a go? Or do you have another app you use which I should try?

Zzzzzzzzz ♥ KC.


  • Yvette Howe

    Smiling Mind good for relaxation too, I have used that – and it is suitable for children too.

  • Leisa Gosang-Dyball

    Good timing, I need this. Could not get to sleep last night and struggle most nights ?

  • Sarah Matulewicz

    Soothing Sounds app – it is so amazing!! Plus you can create and save your own ‘tracks’.

  • alex


    This is really great post thanks for share thing

  • Bel

    Calm is my favorite, I actually use it every day after lunch with my grade six students!

  • Casey Powers

    I got onto the deep calm one last time you posted about it a few years back and I love it!! Worked a treat! Calmed the anxiety and relaxed me so that after a few weeks as soon as I put it on I immediately relaxed enough for sleep!

  • Kylie Kueter

    I have recently discovered Smiling Minds app, love it

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