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This week’s top shopping picks

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Getting the hang of these posts? I love researching them. I want to buy everything!

I got an email from one of the owners from last week’s picks and she said she had a sudden spike in traffic and hunted me down as the source. Well I’m happy I could help!

PS. I have one of those candles… best I’ve ever had!

PPS. Buying the iPhone 5 case!

PPPS. Want the canvas for one of my kids…

PPPPS. I could keep going with what I want 🙂

Oh and hey, what have you been up to? How are those school holidays treating you? I’m exhausted. It’s tiring and expensive isn’t it? The kids aren’t naughty, just busy, messy and loud.

Yesterday I told everyone to quickly get in the car because we’re going to the animal park as I could no longer stand in the kitchen and serve food. It’s all I’ve done lately. Also, if one more person wee’s on the floor I’m going to make them lick it. It’s all glamour in our house.

I went for a run this morning and it’s still only 1 degree at 5.30am. I can’t wait for some warmer weather. I need to put my winter wardrobe away. I’m tired of jeans and jackets. Mum, I know you’re reading and I desperately need your help to clean out my cupboards/wardrobes. Can you please come and help?! The winter stuff needs a good cull and my Mum is the QUEEN of culling.

Have a great day! X


  • LisaW

    Great picks Katrina! Love the chevron urn.

  • Deb

    No. 2 and no.8 thanks. I saw the ilog with an ipad and iphone both charging at the same time and I thought it looked fab.

  • Alison

    I love that you’re doing this… You’ve picked some really cool things to show us… I know I probably wouldn’t have seen anywhere else! Liking that lamp! 🙂

  • Elements

    I love that you are going to make them lick the floor… crack me up.
    The lamp and the cushion. My faves.

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