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The Block 2021 – Week 4 – Basement (4 Home Cinemas and 1 Steam Room!)

Kirsty & Jesse

Score: 29 /30
Spent: $34,117
First Place

Recliners with cup holders, stepped seating, huge screen… even Darren had to admit this wasn’t just a home cinema, it was a cinema in a home! Filled with the latest technology and a few retro touches – the judges loved the classic movie posters and projector – the feel here was classic Hollywood, but with the potential to be a performance space as well, something they were sure singer Kirsty had thought of. And even better, when they checked the foreman’s report, there was only one line: “Nothing to report!”

You can SHOP all of Kirsty and Jesse’s rooms here. This week I love the brass wall bracket and the strip lighting.


Mark & Mitch

Score: 28 ½ /30
Spent: $31,975
Tied Second Place

While the other contestants went for the cinematic experience in their basements, it was up to Mitch and Mark to think outside the box once again, offering up a unique solution to their underground space with a day-spa style steam room. Full tiled and plumbed, with underfloor heating and what Neal called “perfect” lighting, the downstairs wet-room featured a full steam facility (complete with steam-proof speakers!), the perfect addition to a home with everything. Once again it was a room that had Neale envious, no easy task!

You can SHOP all of Mitch & Mark’s rooms here. My favourite this week is the bath sheet and face roller.

Ronnie & Georgia

Score: 28 ½ /30
Spent: $23,410
Tied Second Place

Ronnie and Georgia’s luxurious cinema room set a sky-high standard with its star-covered (shooting stars, no less!) acoustic panel ceiling, comfortable lounge seating, velvet floor-to-ceiling curtains and hidden lolly cupboard for movie snack combine for the perfect place for a grown-up slumber party. And behind the style the build stunned too, with a huge screen, state-of-the-art sound system, dimmable lighting married to strip LEDS and sound insulation throughout to guarantee the cinema experience stays in the cinema. It’s a space that made Neale rethink his views on home cinemas – great work!

You can SHOP all of Ronnie & Georgia’s rooms here. My favourite this week is the table lamp and the cloud couch

Tanya & Vito

Score: 27 /30
Spent: $32,106
Fourth Place

It’s off to the movies for Tanya and Vito from the recessed cavity slider door to the banked seating – with luxurious electric recliners complete with side tables, perfect for taking in the huge-screen, ceiling to floor boucle curtains to block out distractions and even a snoozing couch at the back! Not as versatile a space as some others, Shaynna pointed out, but hard to fault as a cinema, which is exactly what they’d set out to achieve. Complete with blue led strip lighting, the result is a space Darren pointed out is rare in this market and once again perfect in a post-COVID world.

You can SHOP all of Tanya and Vito’s rooms here. My favourite this week is the recliner chair and the vases.

Josh & Luke

Score: 21 /30
Spent: $28,321
Last Place

Forget the cinema, the boys went all out this week to create a multi-media space where movies might be one option, but certainly not the only one! Flanked by a snack and drinks station and huge Iron Man sculpture, the big screen faces a bank of comfy reclining viewing couches with an emphasis here on fun, the perfect place for gaming, watching sport with friends or just relaxing. Architecturally, it was the ceiling that impressed the judges most, with the stepped design practical for lighting as well as beautiful. And although smaller than some of their neighbours, this space, Neale summed up, is eccentric and amusing!

You can SHOP all of Josh and Luke’s rooms here. My favourite this week is the bar fridge.

Which was YOUR favourite room this week?

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♥ KC. Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.

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