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How to Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Ever walked into a room and thought ‘Wow, this space looks amazing”, or flipped through a home magazine and a particular image stops you and you take a moment to study it before you flip on thinking “There is no way I can do that…”??

Well I am here today to tell you, you can! And it all comes down to making sure your art work is sized correctly.

An amazing piece of art will bring a room together and finish it off. Get the sizing right and BAM, it all comes together. Get the sizing wrong, and you’ll be scratching your head wondering what else you can do. So, what is it the magical formula for art?


Yep, remember 2/3 and you will be fine. If you are placing art over your couch, bedhead, hall table etc to ensure it looks correct, your art should be 2/3 the width of the furniture you place it above. This makes the art an interesting focal point of the room.

Keep this in mind for multiple pieces of art as well. 2, 3 or even 4 frames should not be more than 2/3 the width of the furniture below it.

The gallery wall seems to be coming back in. I am sure it never really left, but when minimalism took over I think I saw less and less of them. But suddenly I am enjoying them all over again.

There doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules when it comes to a gallery wall. Anything goes and anyone can create one in their home.

The only tip I’d give is to try and stick to a similar theme/colour/tones.

Recently I discovered DESENIO. Their prints are amazing and cover so many styles and tastes. I was so impressed with their complete gallery wall packages. Pick your entire wall in one purchase! 

I chose the Golden Peach Gallery Wall and a few others like my favourite “water is below you” print. Then I just mixed and matched them.

I’ll be back for more. I have two whole houses to style soon, so I know these prints will suit perfectly.


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