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Teen boys bedroom – bringing the outdoors in

With 3 boys, it’s hard to come up with a different look for their bedrooms. I wanted to do something cool and a little dramatic in this bedroom for a while. Thanks to The Wall Sticker Company I decided an outdoor theme would do the trick.

My son is 14 and he loves camping and fishing. No glamping for him – the rougher the better! His Dad and my other boys love it too so they quite often leave Mum at home on her own (yippeee!) and they head off to camp and fish for a few days.

I asked Jen at The Wall Sticker Company if she’d have something which might suit this wall. We came up with this sunset over a lake. I just love it!


I’ve used this wallpaper before in Tex’s room with a full wall map. It’s the easiest stuff to use. My husband and I did it together – it’s much easier with 2 people helping. These wall stickers are made of fabric, not vinyl – so they won’t damage your walls, peel up at the edges, fall off or fade. They’ll go up, stay up and look amazing for years and years. All products are manufactured in-house, so quality is always assured and turn around is fast.

No sticky glue needed and I can easily remove the wall design if I get sick of it. You just need to measure your wall and your design will be made to fit.







I’m going to be using some (in a different style) for the display home I am working on. It’ll be easy to put up and easy to take off when the house is sold.

♥ KC.


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