Stunning Sunday: Rural Retreat

Sometimes I think I’d like to live by the beach. I’ve never really lived there. I did live in Nowra for 4 years as a kid but that’s not exactly on the beach! I’ve always lived inland.

Then I see homes like this one and realise that’s really where I feel comfortable…

I found this stunning home on The home is located in NSW at Upper Burringbar (which is between Byron Bay and Coolangatta).


The view is breathtaking!




Hello, look at that pantry!


image4 (1)

First I though the splashback was a mirror but then I worked out it’s an opening in to the pantry. You must visit the site to check out all the angles!

image2 (1)

main (1)

What did you think? In a perfect world, would you like to live there?

Sometimes I ask my husband if he wants to sell our new house and go again? I could do it again in a heartbeat – he says he’ll divorce me (just jokes!). I have this motto “everything is for sale at the right price“. Haha!

Have a great Sunday. X


  • Katyberry

    Arghhhh! The Cleaning!!!!
    I imagine that the people that could afford this house could also afford Help!

    We are in the process of downsizing, but I’d still love a cleaner!!

    It is gorgeous, though

  • Julie

    Ohhh my. I may just have to move to Aussie 🙂
    I like moving around but would love to live by the beach.

  • kl

    L.O.V.E. I have always been drawn to country homes but am very much enjoying my ocean outlook this time round. Might try to combine both next with a home of this style overlooking the sea!? Gotta dream right? x KL

  • Melissa

    LOVE IT!! I love space and being in the country. This house and the views look perfect!

  • A-M

    Just beautiful. xxx

  • Emily

    That house is stunning. Would definitely need a cleaner. I’ve never lived by the beach either, would like to give it a go one day. A house like this on an escarpment would be perfect. 🙂

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