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8 Top Shopping Picks!

Hi shoppers! Here’s my newest Top Shopping Picks…

1. Venetian Mirror / 2. Choose your colour cushion / 3. Boys bathroom cleaner / 4. Bone inlay tray

5. Camera Lamp / 6. Washing Basket / 7. Orange Pillowcase / 8. Clock

I’ve always wanted a Venetian mirror and love this one in black!

What about the Boys Bathroom Cleaner? That looks very interesting to me. I think I need this for my 3 little grotty people.

I also really like the orange pillowcase. It comes with a matching quilt which simply has the word ‘orange’ written all over it. Check out the other colours.

I am surprised Adairs or Pillow Talk or Target haven’t brought out an entire range of bedding in chevron/stripes/geometrics in multiple colours to be able to mix and match. What I’d do to get my hands on some for the kids. I want to see a whole range in yellow/pink/aqua/orange/emerald green/grey/black in lots of popular patterns… Impossible to find! Or, maybe you know of some? I just thought the BIG stores would have been all over it by now!

Happy Shopping! X


  • karla

    So agree Katrina about the mix & match bed linen for the kids… I have been searching high & low too :)Business idea??? lol… if only i could sew..

    • Katrina (author)

      I would do it in a heart beat too if I could!

  • B is building a house

    I recently ordered some H-H hand wash and can’t wait for it to arrive! Would have preferred AESOP but there is no way I am paying their RRP!


  • Clementine

    Hi Katrina,

    I have a few of the M-H products that I use throughout all areas of my home…and the Boy’s Bathroom Cleaner rocks!!

    It gives the bathroom an amazing clean every time with a beautiful scent being left to linger long after the clean. I have Australian White Grapefruit, however the Original Fig is just as lovely.

    If you have not tried it, I strongly recommend that you do…you won’t be disappointed!

    Happy cleaning!


    • Katrina (author)

      Rightio! Buying some now. Can’t wait. XX

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