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Spring Cleaning Shortcuts to Keep Your Home Clean

A clean house makes me feel calm. As you know I love to declutter and find new homes for décor that no longer serve a purpose in my house. When spring comes around, I find the new season highly motivating to give my house a good clean.

But cleaning is not something I want to fill my non-working hours with. As you know, I’ve been working full time and it’s meant I don’t have a lot of time to clean the house like I used to. I’m all for a hack or two to help keep the house clean, so I thought I’d share these spring cleaning shortcuts with you if you’re a bit time poor like me, but still want a clean house.

Do a little cleaning everyday

If you have the time to do an all-day cleaning session, go for your life. I will envy you. But taking time out each day to clean one area of your house will take away the overwhelm to do all the areas at once. Write a list of the areas you can clean in 15 minutes per day and set a timer. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy the challenge. Imagine how amazing your house will look after a week!

Invest in making your own cleaners

As you know, I’ve made a big change in the way I clean my home by making my own low-tox cleaners. There are so many benefits to making your own cleaners. They are usually much cheaper to make and the best shortcut of all is if you run out, you don’t have to wait for your next grocery shop to buy your cleaners. You will have all the ingredients on hand to make a new batch.

Utilise a Multipurpose spray for all areas of your home

There are so many cleaning sprays available to clean this surface and that. One of the best shortcuts to cleaning your home is reducing the amount of sprays for different purposes, and investing in an all-round multipurpose spray which can be used on most surfaces of your home. I have a recipe here for OMFG Miracle Spray which can clean just about EVERYTHING in your house.

Get the whole family involved

I’m not the only one who lives in our house and all the cleaning shouldn’t be left up to me. Get your kids involved by giving them jobs like unpacking and putting a cleaner through the dishwasher, helping with the yard, cleaning their most used bathroom. Many hands make light work.

Use magic erasers on walls, door knobs and anything that needs a good scrub

Magic erasers are magic. Make the foam damp and scrub away. There are many uses for them in the home, but my favourites are on walls where there are marks, door knobs where there are dark finger prints and they can be used to remove scuff marks on floors.

Outsource to appliances where you can

You may not be able to afford a cleaner or you may choose not to have someone else in your home. Why not invest in an appliance which can keep your floors vacuumed and washed for you? The Deebot Ozmo 900 Robotic Vacuum is amazing and can be set while you’re out at work.

Use Dryer Sheets to dust your furniture

If you need to give your furniture a good dust, use dryer sheets to remove the dust. The dryer sheets can also help your furniture repel the dust for a while. This is an easy shortcut for the kids to get involved in.

Use Toilet Fizzy Bombs to clean the toilet bowl

The bottom of the toilet often needs a deep clean at times. Make your own toilet fizzy bombs and let it do the cleaning work for you. You can learn how to make your own here.

What spring cleaning shortcuts can you share that have helped you keep your home clean?

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