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Seven Style Sins

If you’re not in to aesthetics then this post isn’t for you hahaha… I know, I feel a bit mean here with some of these style sins, BUT if you do love a well designed home then it might be time to toss some of these elements. 😉

1. Sports trophies and medals

We all love celebrating the wins in the family, but it’s best to keep these things to a designated space in the home like a games room, or even a shelf in the kids’ bedrooms.

2. Too many family photos

A beautiful family shot and photos of the kids are ok. I’m not that mean. But lots of random framed photos, baby photos (when they are teens) and awkward photos are probably just going to clutter up your space.

3. Word Art/Quotes

They were a thing 10 years ago, but not any more.

4. Newspapers

Piled up magazines, old newspaper, bills… Time to toss or group and put away inside a cupboard somewhere.

5. Bean bags

They may be comfy, but they are messy, mostly ugly and are best kept for a rumpus room (or not at all). Gorgoues oversized floor cushions will do the trick.

6. Too small rugs

The most comment mistake of all time is choosing floor rugs which are too small for the space. Rugs anchor a room and infuse it with personality, style and warmth.

7. Not making your bed

Making your bed each day is not only good feng shui, it’s definitely a must if you want a stylish home. Leaving it unmade sets your day up for a messy day ahead!

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