I’ve got news!

I’m going to be a Grandma.

I know?! What the?

Yep, my big boy and his partner are having a bubba. What a joy and a blessing. We’re all so excited. Due early March 2023.

Life is a wild ride. I certainly didn’t think I’d be a Grandma at 45, but here I am.

This is the joy I’ve needed. I can’t wait to have a little person in my life again.

In other news my youngest kid got his L-plates a month ago so I’m doing that again! One more year and then I won’t be teaching someone how to drive, I’ll be changing nappies. Ha!

I have also decided to take on some employment out of the house. This is also a nice change. I’ve needed to switch up my routine a bit. For my mental health. Freelance work can be tricky at the moment. There’s not a lot of disposable income around with the interest rate rises. The additional income for me will be good (I’m solo so I have to work a bit harder) and I needed a new car but the banks… what is with that?? They really only want to lend money to people who work for someone else. It’s absurd.

Anyway, let’s talk about Airbnb. Have you ever thought about having one? I started in February this year and already I’ve had over 40 successful stays. Some for one night, some for a week. The income from it is much better than a long term tenant. I’ve done the sums over and over. I’ve weighed up the pros and cons and at this stage the Airbnb is a better solution. People will argue that I’m contributing the housing shortage but I am not going to say NO to upgrading my own income. I’m just a very average person on average income just trying to give myself a pay-rise (no one else will do that for you!). And I have really really enjoyed cleaning and fluffing up the house for guests. I listened to a podcast once that said a majority (I can’t remember the stats) of Airbnb hosts are middle-aged, single, empty nesters. Ahaha. It made me laugh because it’s kind of true. I think I enjoy it so much because it gives me ‘something/someone’ to care for in the home. It’s a comfort.

Oh, and I wrote a HOW TO AIRBNB eBook too.

My renos have slowed a little now that I am doing proper paid work. I don’t have a huge amount left to do thankfully, but still have an ensuite, the main bedroom, all the skirting boards and then lots more painting (mostly gloss work). I am so undecided with what to do with the house – sell it, keep it, or Airbnb it. I actually like living in it. It’s little but I like it that way. I’ve had big houses over the years and there’s nothing like pairing back your life (and the people in it), to live more simply.

BUT, stay tuned for the ensuite reno. It’s the smallest space you’ve ever seen. I’m hoping to do the whole thing on a budget of about $3k. I’d like it to be less, but I’m also aware of how much things have gone up! And tradies seem to have themselves on $150/hr these days. Just joking (kind of) – some of my best mates are tradies.

If you need ideas on how to save the big $$ when renovating, don’t forget this 8-in-1 ebook I have here. I’ve discounted it for you.

Lots of love,


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