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DIY you can do


One of the best parts of renovating but also the messiest is the demolition. It’s the fun part that enables you to take out all your stress for the day by smashing some tiles or ripping up carpet.

There is no reason as to why you can’t complete 90% of the demo work yourself. Most renovations will see you having to rip up carpet, remove bathroom and laundry tiles and some cabinetry around the house.

A lot of demolition work is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require
much experience or expertise, however there are a few areas and
things to keep in mind…

Whenever you are planning on taking down a wall, you MUST consult
with a builder if it is load bearing. The last thing you want to do is put
the hammer through the wall and watch everything collapse around
you. So before taking that first swing, consult your builder and ask
them to identify any walls that are bearing the load of the roof.

When it comes to bathrooms, laundries and wet areas, most of the
time you can go as hard as you like in order to remove tiles and wall
sheeting. Have your tools ready, a bin and a broom handy and go for
it. Floor and wall tiles can be removed easily and relatively care free,
the only thing to take care around is any taps or spouts. When you are
removing tiles around these areas, do it with care. If in doubt, consult
your plumber and ask them to cap any plumbing if needed.

Flooring can be removed care free, with typically no tradesmen
needed for consultation. Ripping up carpet can be one of the most
satisfying and easiest ways to change the feel of a house or living

If you have the ability to prepare the space yourself for any incoming
trades, you have the potential to save yourself thousands of dollars.
And the more you save during your renovation by spending less, well
then the more your profit margin increases!


Whenever doing any DIY on your reno, you need to allow yourself a
time frame and double it, at a minimum! Jobs always take longer
than you expect, be it you hit snags along the way or you simply can’t
do the work as quickly as you hoped. Don’t be hard on yourself if this
happens, its just a part of the process.

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