I stripped lacquer from this sideboard


I’ve had this sideboard for about 15 years! We bought it around the time we got married. I have always loved the shape of it but I was a little tired of the colour. So instead of getting rid of it, I decided to strip all that lacquer and stain off and see what was underneath…


I could have just sanded the entire sideboard, but that would have taken me too long, so instead I decided to strip off the bulk of the lacquer with this pain stripper.


So it’s a really really messy job. I did it in the garage and laid down a drip sheet first to catch all the muck. You need to paint the stripper on really think and leave for a minute or two and then start scrapping it back. Paint stripper also is really smelly (don’t breathe it in!) and it will sting your skin. So I had a cloth nearby in case it landed on my hands. Don’t stress about it too much though, just be cautious as you go.


I had to coat the stripper on a few times, but eventually it all started coming off and then it was time to continue the job with the electric sander.



I was gifted this nifty little product (and I am truly in love with it!) called WORX Sonicrafter Multitool. It is battery operated and has a sanding attachment on it. This sander actually worked better than my electric one! You can buy from Masters for $100. Get on to this one people. I’ll reaching for it when I need to sand something again.


The drawers were a little trickier. I had to use a small chisel to scrape the lacquer off. My little sander did fit in and around the handle (I couldn’t get them off – they were pinned on the back somehow).


I was so happy with the raw colour. It’s a little blonde/pinky colour. I topped it off with some Annie Sloan Soft Wax.

image2 (2) image4 (2) image9 (2) image2 (3)

And…. I love it! I have decided to keep the legs on this dining table as is for now… I think if I sanded them back too it might be overkill. We’ll see… you know me, always changing things around πŸ˜‰

Have you got something you could strip back and sand? Give it a go!

β™₯ KC.


  • Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    I love the legs on the dining table – the sideboard and table match in well but are not too ‘matchy matchy’ πŸ™‚ I love restoring old to new and making it feel refreshed and revived!

  • Kim Elliott

    Looks Fabulous ! In time would you need to go over again in the wax or leave as is ?

  • Michelle Maree

    How awesome does that look!!!! It’s beautiful K! <3 Well done!!!

  • Fleur | Our Urban Box

    Looks great Katrina! I have a side table that, like you I love the shape and not the colour and have said to hubby that when the new house is built I want to strip it back… so if you want another project πŸ˜‰ its all yours ha! x

  • Chrissie Taylor

    That looks so much better!! I did our dining table, chairs, buffet with paint stripper…tins and tins of it!! the stain was on so thick it took a tin just to lift the stain off πŸ™‚ I used some steel wool and some metho as well as one of those bendable sanding blocks to get into tight corners….and it worked really well…..

  • N

    How long did it take you to strip the lacquer and sand it? I have a a table that I have started to sand back, but I just don’t have the attention span to keep working on it. πŸ™‚

    • Katrina (author)

      Not long at all! Maybe half an hour πŸ™‚

  • Helena

    looks great! your floorboards always look amazing!
    is there anything you do to prevent them from getting scratched?

  • Selectapest

    Working with wood is pretty tricky, you need to ensure that you keep it dry and check it regularly for any pests.

  • Annie

    I love this! And your pictures are so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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