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Carly & Leighton and Jess & Ayden win this week on Reno Rumble

Team Carly & Leighton and Jess & Ayden win this week on Reno Rumble which takes them through to the finale!

What did you think of their rooms?
Below are the photos from their combined Living/Dining/Outdoor area…

Team_wk5_r2_living000_151 Team_wk5_r2_living004_130 Team_wk5_r2_living007_124 Team_wk5_r2_living013_128 Team_wk5_r2_living015_129 Team_wk5_r2_living018_132 Team_wk5_r2_living025_138 Team_wk5_r2_living030_145 Team_wk5_r2_living031_146

Jess and Ayden presented a spectacular kitchen, adding value and sophistication to the home…

JA_wk5_r2_kitchen013_156 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen031_178 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen011_155 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen008_154 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen004_169 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen003_152 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen001_173 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen000_192 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen026_163 JA_wk5_r2_kitchen032_180

Carly and Leighton’s bathroom was contemporary with a hint of character…

CL_wk5_r2_bath003_089 CL_wk5_r2_bath007_100 CL_wk5_r2_bath014_086 CL_wk5_r2_bath008_112 CL_wk5_r2_bath036_117

Can’t wait to see what the final house reveals!

♥ KC.


  • Tracy

    I like all four couples but that whole house was a miss for me. The main bedroom I loved but none of the other spaces made sense to me. The nursery was huge, was that at the expense of the living area? Because that lounge area was so small for a family.

    I much preferred the other house even though Shaker/Minimalism is more my style. The judging made no sense to me. I am tempted to believe that they wanted one red, one blue team in the final , but then I am not normally into those sort of reality conspiracy theories.

    What were your thoughts Katrina?

  • Donna

    Hi Katrina,

    I’m a bit of a lurker but have been popping in (followed from AM’s site, then our Block journey).

    What a great range of photos! Better to view than their official site (maybe you should design for them).

    Have you seen anywhere the floor plans for the completed houses? I’m curious…


    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks Donna! No I haven’t see the floor plans. Sorry 🙂

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