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Here’s 5 Tips to Consider Before You Dive in to That Renovation

1. Study

It’s tough to stay unemotional when renovating a home for profit. The first thing you’ll need to do is learn about which improvements will add value based on the size, current market and who is likely to buy the home.

2. Budgeting

It’s so important to stick to your budget and you need to be so diligent about it. Blowing your budget will be the biggest stress you’ll be dealing with.

3. Simple is best

Instead of huge elaborate plans, can you stick to the basics? Like new paint, a new front door, light fittings, some new floors and maybe additional storage

4. Tradies or Builder

Will you be hiring a foreman or builder to oversee the entire project? Will you be coordinating everything yourself? Or even completing a lot of the work DIY style?

5. Make sure it’s finished

Never put a property on the market which still needs work done. If outdoor areas, bathrooms, flooring or extensions aren’t finished potential buyers will look unfavourably upon this.

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