I Added a Concrete Sink to the Laundry


The laundry renovation is almost done. Just some paint and a new door handle.

But you can see the before photos below. The very last photo is from 2018 I think, and then some of the house had been painted in 2020 before I bought this year. It wasn’t pretty! 

This room also has the main toilet. I didn’t want a typical laundry tub because no one really wants to wash their hands in that!

(If I needed to soak, I’d use a bucket).

I had the concrete made by a local concrete/stoneworks business.

The cabinetry is DIY and a Kaboodle product from Bunnings.

More of my renos on Instagram.

I did most of the work myself. You can learn how to do a lot of work yourself through my Reno Rules ecourse.

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