Hanging prints at home with Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

Brought to you by Command™ Picture Hanging Strips.

I move prints around in my home all the time. Of course, every time I do this I end up with holes on my walls (which annoys my husband to no end). I’ve been wanting to put these huge 60 x 90cm prints up for a while, but I haven’t been able to decide on where they would look best.

So instead of whacking a few more holes on the walls, I was glad when Command™ Picture Hanging Strips came to my rescue! I could put the prints up, take some photos and then decide on which spot works better. Actually, YOU can help me!

I bought the prints online (I wrote about them here), got them printed at Officeworks and I purchased the large frames for $15 from Kmart.

I haven’t used the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips before, but was eager to give them a go. They come in so many different sizes to suit your wall hanging. I made sure I picked the right strip for the size of the frame. There is a handy guide on the back. So for me, I need the strips to hold 7.2kg as the instructions say they will hold a 60 x 90cm frame.

I positioned the strips as per the instructions – 4 x sets of strips on each frame.

They were so easy to put on the wall. Remove the little plastic sticker back and then push the frame on… If they are a little crooked you can easily re-position. You can watch a good video here too.

All you have to do is gently pull the frame upwards from the bottom and you’ll hear a velcro sound.

  • You then need to press firmly for 30 seconds before removing – left behind will be 4 strips and the matching ones will be on the frame.
  • Ideally remove the picture for 1 hour before re-hanging for maximum strength.

The strips come in both black and white – I used the black ones here as they were easier for me to photograph.

I had a go at removing them altogether and it’s easier than ever. Just gently pull the flap directly down and it’ll be off in a matter of seconds.


But then I wasn’t sure if I really liked them in this spot, so I decided to add another set of strips and place the frame on an opposite wall to see what they would look like…

Command™ Picture Hanging Strips 11

What do you think? The left or right photo?

Just for voting in my comments below I am going to give you the chance to win an awesome prize!

20 readers will each receive a pack of large size Command Hanging Strips capable of safely holding up to 7.2kg.

Command™ Picture Hanging Strips 17


Giveaways are in accordance with my disclosure policy.

See more…

Tara Dennis demonstrates a great video here below so you can really see how easy it is!

Plus head to the Command Facebook page for lots more ideas!

♥ KC.


  • Jamii clavell

    The right the left is too busy in the corner

  • Kym

    Left. It is a far more interesting space.

  • Jo B

    Left appeals to me with it’s touch of industrial warehouse styling……..AND a Fiddleleaf Fig, well now I’m just in love!

  • Grace Raftery

    Left. The fiddle leaf makes those prints (& corner) pop!!

  • Pauline Olsen

    Right tickles my fancy.

  • Kim McCarthy

    Love the left!

  • Megan Coles

    Definitely left. I too am a command strip convert. No more drills and mess.
    My husband loves it……. I think ????

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi, you’re a winner of the Command Hanging Strips pack. Please email me with your address to claim your prize. Thanks!

  • Nicola Saunders

    Left – they look great.

    Bye the way, I am about to have my house painted inside and as a feature wall using the same Anna Spiro Design Wallpaper, but in China Blue. Will post when finished. I am a huge fan of Anna – love her style and have also visited her shop in New Farm, Qld. 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi, you’re a winner of the Command Hanging Strips pack. Please email me with your address to claim your prize. Thanks!

  • Michelle Williams

    left…so soothing!

  • Celia Chew

    Left! Colours of nature work better with the print.

  • Annie

    Both are nice yet I prefer it on the left

  • Courtney Bridge

    On the right is the best ????

  • Julia Parker

    Left…they fit better to fill that wall space. Looks great. (PS I have used and love the Command Hanging strips) And yes, I also have more pictures to hang!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi, you’re a winner of the Command Hanging Strips pack. Please email me with your address to claim your prize. Thanks!

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