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Hanging plants to bring nature into your home

A hanging plant can fill a corner in an instant.

Take your house plants up off the ground and on to the walls, hanging from ceilings, put on shelves or even in a plant stand. Below are 10 hanging plants you could add to your home. Most of them are about $30 to buy in your local nursery. You can even propagate them from cuttings.

Devil’s Ivy – or Pothos

I find this plant to be very easy to care for. They don’t need lots of light or watering. They tend to just thrive on their own.


Similar to the devil’s ivy, but a slightly different shape for the leaves.

Burro’s Tail – or a donkey’s tail

I love these little succulents plants. You can definitely grow them from a simple cutting. They do need good sunlight though to thrive.

Baby’s Tears

Delicate little leaves that will grow in masses. Can also be used as a ground cover.

Tahitian Bridal Veil

Easy to maintain. The leaves sprout in all directions and it will produce little white flowers. I have one of these and I love it.

Jade plant

The money plant! Grow this from cuttings and hang in your wealth corner in your home (south-east).

String of pearls

Gorgeous little pea-shaped buds. This beauty is very on trend. Great in bathrooms.

Boston Fern

I love a big green fern. They do need good lighting and watering often. Also great in bathrooms.

Lipstick plant

Pretty green thick leaves and will grow in masses.

Spider plant

Easy to maintain and this will grow babies on the side so you can keep re-potting and growing more.

Here’s a post on how to water your indoor plants.

Or how to work out what’s wrong with your house plants.

♥ KC.

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