Grout Free Shower Wall Panels

Groutless showers? Oh, yes please, wouldn’t that be heaven!? I like the thought of low maintenance today I wanted to share some bathroom wall products with you… No tiles or grout… just a smooth surface to spray and wipe.

The key to a well thought out bathroom design is dependent on a number of factors including design, fixtures and materials. The bathroom is an ever evolving space as renovators and designers look for new materials to solve problems of old.

Mould has always been a pain point in the bathroom. Easy clean bathrooms are high on the list of musts when a bathroom is renovated. Mould is unsightly and is not good for our health.

The grout free bathroom has become one of those evolving trends as renovators seek a wall finish with no room for mould.

The installation of grout free shower wall panels is one way to create a hygienic, seamless bathroom design.



Here is a comparison of two wall panel products on the market to consider for your next bathroom renovation.

Wet Wall Panel

Wet Wall Panel is an innovative, sturdy 10mm Tongue and Groove panel which is both 100% waterproof and mould resistant due to its hygienic vinyl material.

It’s an easy product to DIY over your existing bathroom if you want to avoid the mess caused from demolition when removing tiles. It also offers a shorter turn around to get the panels in place. They have a 10 year warranty and come in a range of colours and patterns to suit your bathroom style.

The Wet Wall Panel can also be used in commercial projects too as it has a Grade 1 Fire Rating. It has good insulation and sound proofing properties making it an ideal choice for bathrooms in a high-rise apartment.

With prices starting at $179 per panel, the Wet Wall Panel is definitely one to consider for your bathroom reno – or at least your shower space as this is the area most prone to mould.


Spapanel is a premium marine ply product, offering a 3-in-1 solution as the panel includes waterproofing, fibre cement board and decorative surface. When using this panel in the shower, there is no need to waterproof the full height as it is BRANZ appraised.

Spapanel offers an extensive modern range of designs with over 50 to choose from. This panel is best installed by a professional, but perfect for high traffic areas which require good impact resistance. These panels are heavier with a weight of 25kg and they offer a 15 year warranty. Prices for these panels start from $429.

So whether you’re renovating your bathroom yourself or leaving all the work to professionals, there is a grout free wall panel for you. You just have to decide on your design and which panel is going to work for your needs.

For more grout free wall panel designs, check out Mr Wet Wall Available Australia wide.

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