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Give your dining room a makeover

Does your dining room need a bit of a love around this time of the year? Do you have people visiting? Are you hosting a lunch or a dinner? Maybe you could add a few new affordable and styling pieces to your space! Or maybe you can ask Santa for a new dining table??!!

I’ve been stalking around the online store Interior Secrets and thought I’d whip up this mood board with goodies I love.

Tips for a dining room makeover –

  1. Start with the table. How many people live in your house and how often do you entertain? What shape suits your space? Rectangle, square or round? An 8 seater is usually the best for a family. Also consider the finish on the table. If you have little kids it may get a beating!
  2. Add in the chairs. I find choosing chairs harder than selecting a table! I am very particular about their height and that they match the height of the table correctly. Cheap dining chairs always seem too low for me. If you’re buying online a good rule of thumb for measurement is from your bum to the floor 46-47cm. Anything under that will feel too low.
  3. Grab a pendant light. It will give a focal point and ground the table in a certain space in your home, rather than the table feel like it’s floating in a big room. Something chunky will always look good.
  4. A big piece of art. Can you add art at the end of the table? So the eye looks through the end of the table and on to a focal piece on the wall?
  5. Mirror. I love a mirror in just about every room. They make spaces look bigger and reflects light. If you are unsure about artwork, then I always suggest just go for a mirror.
  6. Greenery. You can never have too much greenery. Go for real plants if you can, but if you are looking for instant height (and your room doesn’t have enough light), then grab a fake one which will add texture and colour.
  7. Centrepiece. Just add a couple of vases to the table and you’re on your way to a brand new dining space!

All of these gorgeous pieces above are available for you to purchase at Interior Secrets. They have warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne. Interior Secrets cut out the middleman, so prices are affordable. They have excellent customer service, so jump online today and check out their huge range. I see savings and discounts all the time! Interior Secrets can deliver, or you can pick up. Enter your postcode at checkout to see if they deliver to your area.

Happy shopping. ♥ KC.

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  • Katie

    Loved your tips. For me, a traditional mood board is always a must when redecorating a room. I like lots of different styles, so If i didn’t have one to keep referring back to it would just become a mish mash of pretty things I liked. However even with the mood board I can find it hard to pick a place to start.

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