Freshen Up Your Home For Selling This Spring

Lots of homes come on the market during Spring and those first impressions count! Preparing your property to look its best and showcasing its unique features to potential buyers is key.

Read on for some of our most cost-effective tips to enhance your property:

• Pack up personal photographs and trinkets. You want the buyer to imagine their own personal items in the property.
• Make the house sparkle! Clean walls, wash windows inside and out, clean out cobwebs and dust the furniture.
• Painting in neutral colours will assist with updating your home to a contemporary feel, with colour being introduced through accessories such as cushions on the couch.
• Make any minor repairs, such as patching holes in walls or replacing cracked tiles.
• Bathrooms can benefit from matching towels and accessories. Remove all personal items such as make up or toiletries, so potential buyers focus on your property.
• Make use of some flowering plants to create a welcoming feel.
• Most importantly, enter your front door and ask yourself to do you want to go inside, does the house welcome you?

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♥ KC.

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