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Floor Plan Friday: Double Storey Home

Today for Floor Plan Friday I went searching for a 2-storey plan and found this one. It’s probably a little fancier than most people can afford, but we can all dream right??! I loved it and would say yes to this in a heartbeat!

The upstairs area is amazing with all the bedrooms and bathrooms! BUT the laundry is up there too? Hmmm not sure – yes or no? I don’t like the bath in the ensuite, so I’d get that one out and make Bath #2 bigger.

I love the void over the stair area – how grand and breezy!

You can click on the plan to enlarge it or go here to see where I found it. It’s an American site.

What do you think? Are you a fan of 2-storey homes?


  • Judie

    American laundries are often on the top floor. Everything goes in the dryer so they don’t need access to an outdoor clothesline.

  • Rachael Bowker

    Thanks Katrina. I love floor plan Friday 🙂

  • Susan Pointon

    Oooh I like this one.

  • Lucy

    My husband and kids love the two storey house! That’s their dream for ‘next’ but I’m not so sure… aren’t they meant to get very hot in Australia?! Anyway, the laundry on the second floor – no thank you! But I’d love a chute from the bathroom downstairs to the laundry for the washing…

  • Kate Luella

    I love 2 story’s but my knees dont… I’m always open to a lift. The kids on the other hands, display homes always appeal to the kids if they are 2 storey and up and down they go…

  • My Encore Store - designer recycle boutique

    In Australia we wouldn’t put the laundry upstairs because we tend to hang washing outside to dry, but friends in the US only ever use the clothesdryer as the area they live in bans outdoor clotheslines as they (apparently) spoil the look of the fenceless having the laundry (including dryer) upstairs could make sense for them?

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