Floor Plan Friday: 4 bedrooms, study, activity and a cinema room

I stumble across floor plans all the time then save them to share with you down the track. I wondered what you might all this of this one? It’s pretty standard, but everything is placed quite well.

It’s big with 4 bedrooms, study, activity and a cinema room. There’s a scullery with a laundry walk through.

I’d reconfigure the main bathroom because I would need a window for the toilet.

Bed 3 and 4 are big and I haven’t seen wardrobes out under the eaves like that with the window next to them. That works well I think.

The kitchen is big, and I like the living room tv pushed out. A fireplace wold be good in here.

Overall I really like it.

What do you think about this floor plan?

The original source is from Pinterest with no link to the owner – please let me know if this is yours..

If you love house designs like I do I have more over here.

Plus I can give you a hand with your own floor plans in my services list over here.

Happy Friday ♥ KC


  • Kate

    Love this one!!! <3

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