DIY linen spray

Fresh sheet day! I spritz the bedding with this spray. Smells amazing and I will never go back to using artificial fragrances especially in the place of SLEEP!

DIY Linen Spray

    • 15 drops lemon
    • 15 drops lavender
    • Teaspoon witch hazel water
    • Fill 250ml bottle with distilled water

So simple to make your own. No sleeping in artificial fragrance. All low-tox and SOOOOO much better for your sleep, hormones and mood. ✔️

It probably cost me $1 plus the bottle to make. Seriously! Check out this COSTS PER DROP list.

How do you keep WHITE SHEETS WHITE if you’re using no-bleach and all low tox products? Then pop here to have a read.

You might also like to see what I use as a general washing powder/liquid, a soaker, a fabric softener and then a stain remover spray. So cheap too!

♥ KC.

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