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The next step…

Hi! 👋 Here I am, gearing up for yet another big surgery next week. I had easily put it out of my mind, but now it’s only a few days away I’m starting to unravel a bit. I’ll be fine though! It’s just always a lot. I’m too busy and too full of energy for the downtime, but I have to do it.

I’m heading to Sydney next week to have my stoma re-done. If you’ve been following me for a bit you’ll know something changed with it around Christmas time and I’ve been struggling with it since then. A hernia the size of a tennis ball is behind it, and it’s prolapsed. As in, it’s now just lazy and I have to use heat packs and long showers to help it work.

The reason it took so long to get sorted is the amount of doctors/surgeons that discussed whether they would fix it, or move it to the other side, went on for months. Anyway, finally it’s getting fixed. It’s actually quite common – to have this happen around the 5 year mark of having a stoma. And I was pretty much bang on. I wasn’t aware of this in the beginning though! So the doc says hospital for 7 days, I say 5! We’ll see how I go.

Then can it happen again? Maybe? But I now have a belt I’ll have to wear whenever I’m doing anything physical. Like in the garden, making copious beds at the Airbnb, painting… But that’s ok! I still have to live my life.

And my Crohn’s is good and settled at the moment so I’m grateful I’m not unwell at the same time.

I’ll share in my Instagram stories next week if you’re interested.

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