DIY: How-to videos from CSR Gyprock


A few weeks ago I shared this post with you about how to include niches and bulkheads into your house and renovation plans from CSR Gyprock. This week, the Gyprock team are back with a series of  informative how-to videos on each stage of the plastering process. Perfect for the home renovator.

Under the guidance of a Gyprock professional, seasoned home renovators can take their plastering skills to the next level. Each video will show you how easy it can be to do all of the plastering tasks that seem daunting.


 The 8 part series includes tutorials on:

•  How to plan, prepare and measure up

•  How to handle, measure and cut Gyprock plasterboard

•  How to install Gyprock walls and ceilings

•  How to tape and set Gyprock joints

•  How to cut and install Gyprock cornice

•  How to sand and finish Gyprock plasterboard joints

•  How to repair holes, dents, nicks and scrapes

•  How to fill in a doorway and other openings

The easy, step by step videos will lead through you through the process with clear instructions and even tell what tools you need!


Gyprock hopes that by offering these how to videos, home renovators will challenge themselves by attempting to do their own plastering… and it could save you a whole lot of cash!

“While there are certainly more difficult projects that should be left to the trade’s professionals, small projects such as repairing, installing and finishing plasterboard walls and ceilings are surprisingly easy to accomplish once you have been shown how to do it the right way,” says Najwa Khoury, Gyprock Marketing Manager.

In addition to the videos, Gyprock also has a range of downloadable DIY guides for the residential handy man on their website. Their DIY videos can be viewed here or over at their YouTube channel, Gyprock TV.

What do you think? Will you give plastering a go next time? I might be tempted to do something for sure!

Happy DIY-ing.

♥︎ KC.

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