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Using CSR Gyprock for niches & bulkheads

Are you planning a home build or renovation? Have you thought about niches and bulkheads using Gyprock? Popular home improvement shows like The Block proves Australia’s love affair with building and renovation sees no sign of slowing down. The Block continues to inspire homeowners with ideas and design and keep them informed about the endless possibilities that can be explored to create personal and private spaces.

Here are some photos and ideas on how you could incorporate a niche or bulkhead to your home…


Ideas seen on the small screen can inspire homeowners when planning their own home build or renovation. CSR Gyprock explains how great planning in the build stage leads to beautiful structures and interiors that can significantly increase the value of a home, while creating better living environments for homeowners to enjoy.

The Block in Melbourne

Najwa Khoury, Gyprock Marketing Manager recognises that, “While furnishings certainly add to the overall comfort and feel of a finished room, the structure and configuration at the building stage is where real value is added to a property.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 23RD 2014;Contestants of the Block reveal room 5 - Living and Dining Room on Sunday the 23rd of November 2014 in Melbourne Australia. (Photo by Martin Philbey) *** Local Caption ***The Block

The contestants showcased innovative design and renovation ideas with plasterboard on The Block: Triple Threat with bulkheads and niches used creatively throughout each of the apartments. According to Najwa, “Not only do these features look very appealing but they have utility as a principle.

The Block in Melbourne

Niches can be incorporated into bathrooms for storage in the shower or above a bath. Running the entire length of a wall, or with an added feature such as a mirror, a niche not only works functionally but creates drama through size or reflection.

The Block in Melbourne

Bulkheads can conceal structural elements such as beams resulting in a streamlined effect. They are a practical way of giving direction to the free flow of an open plan space. They can also conceal blinds and curtain rods.

Spend some time thinking about your house plans and see if you can incorporate some of these design features into your next build.

Are you planning a home build or renovation? Have you thought about niches and bulkheads? I didn’t put a niche in my shower and I am so angry I didn’t! I want to shop one out and start again. They do finish off a shower perfectly.

♥︎ KC

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  • Fiona, Lilyfield Life

    We did a few bulkheads and also niches in the showers in our recent renovation and I love how it all looks. (and yes with gyprock!)

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