Declutter Your Workspace with These 5 Tips

A clean workspace not only boosts productivity, it can alleviate feelings of overwhelm and stress.

Who likes to rock up to work at a desk cluttered with paperwork, post-it notes and random pens which have run out of ink?

Our workspaces are important as they are essential for working at home or simply organising the family finances. Keeping them tidy and organised will benefit your mind and productivity.

If you’re after a clean slate, declutter your workspace with these 5 tips.

1. Clear the desk

The first thing to do is clear your desk of all paper, notes, pens, décor and anything else that has been dumped on the surface. Give the desk a thorough clean with all-purpose cleaner. You may find it’s dusty or have water marks from drinks left on the desk.

2. Add the essentials

Sort through the items you’ve taken off the desk and slowly add them back. Ensure you only add the essentials like computer, pen holder and pens (that work!), notebook and planner. Only you will know what is essential, and what is not.

3. Purge the drawers

Once the desk is set up with the essentials, it’s important to declutter the desk drawers. Empty the desk drawers and add in organisers to keep essentials well arranged. It’s at this point you may find a spot for items you no longer want to keep displayed on the desk, but are important for work activities ie stapler and tape dispenser.

4. Create a filing system for notes and bills

One of the reasons for chaos in our workspace is not having a designated spot for notes and bills. Instead of using post-it notes for reminders, why not use a dedicated notebook or diary to place important reminders? Also, use a filing cabinet or storage container which can hold files for your paper bills and other important paperwork. Better yet, opt for electronic bills via email and back these up to a hard drive.

5. Hide the cords

Cords can make a workspace look messy. Sometimes it’s unavoidable having them on display, but if you can find a way to hide them behind the desk void, it will make your space more streamlined. Opt for a wireless mouse and keyboard to reduce the need for cords on the desk.
Also, use washi tape to name your cords so you know what is what. Any spare cords you have lying in your desk should be donated or thrown away. If you haven’t used them for years, chances are you won’t be using them in the future.

Once your workspace is decluttered, you can style the space with a work lamp and plant to modernise the space and bring a bit of outdoors in.
Happy decluttering!

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  • Jennifer Diaz

    Hi Katrina! I’m in love with the desk in the final photo of this post. I am trying to create a similar office space for myself. Would you happen to know where I can find a desk like this? Appreciate your help!

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